Paul Ulibarri (PDGA #27171) Helps Disc Golfers Improve Their Game

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This is a YouTube show that Paul Ulibarri (PDGA #27171) dropped on us recently. He really focuses on one thing to talk about for his “Down the Fairway” video series and teaches about that one thing.

I’m putting a playlist of his videos so that you can watch them back-to-back. Over time I’ll keep adding his future videos so all of these will be in one place for you.

The videos tend to be 5-7 minutes long so far. Which for me is the perfect length and meets my attention span.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Disc Golf Instruction videos as much as the next player but it’s on YouTube and I got videos to watch. So for me, these bite sized nuggets of Disc Golf knowledge from a top pro in the game are golden and delicious.

What is in the Bag of Paul Ulibarri

Paul takes us through his bag

This is his 2019 in the bag video. His first year back with Team Discraft. Very traditional in the bag video that reveals his tour disc selection.

Paul has his very own website where you can pick up Ulibarri branded discs, apparel and accessories. If you are a fan or find yourself a new fan of his – jump over to his site and pick up some cool disc golf products. It also helps support him professionally and keeps him out on tour which helps all of us witness great disc golf.

A Focus on the Discraft Raptor

Paul and Discraft create a new disc

YouTube Description

Confidence is KING. This First Run Raptor driver has been a collaboration between our Team Discraft captain, Paul Ulibarri and our Discraft R&D guys. Driving into wind – check. Flex shots, Sidearm – check, check.

The Raptor delivers the most confidence you’ve ever felt in a driver under 300ft. Make room in your bag, this just became a staple.

Raptor Distance Driver:

  • Z Plastic
  • Speed 9
  • Glide 4
  • Turn 0
  • Fade 3
  • Stability 2.1


Getting to KNow Paul Ulibarri

This is more for the Disc Golf fans like myself who like to know what goes on in the lives of the professional players. For me, it’s interesting to know what is going on with the sponsorship side of the sport and the decisions the players have to make.

Circle Zero interviews Paul at the 2018 Memorial Tournament

Getting to see inside the mind of Paul Ulibarri is a gift that YouTube provides us. Thank you YouTube… thank you for delivering us amazing content Disc Golf Pro Tour.

Now is a great time to join the PDGA!

Joseph Booth (PDGA #98153)

Right now, the sport is still at a size where it still has a bit of an “underground” type of feel.

Although I suspect the truly long time players think the sport is completely mainstream with the numbers of people playing and the PDGA membership growing to well over 130,000 registered members. We still have a long way to go.

Jomez Pro Shares his Humor

The guys at Jomez roast our Pro

Classic Disc Golf humor and Paul is such a great sport about it. This video is guaranteed to make you laugh and to add new ways to poke fun of your friends while you are playing your own rounds.

I’m pretty sure this video is referenced 2-3 times per round that I play with my long time Disc Golf friends. Love this stuff. Keep it up Jomez!

What Does A Practice Round With Paul Ulibarri Look Like?

Practice round with Paul Ulibarri on the card

Disc Golf fans, you have probably already picked up on the fact that I am a Brodie Smith fan. Here is a really fun practice round from the 2020 Memorial Championships that Brodie posted on his YouTube channel.

Player Roster:

A Collection of Top Throws by Our Professional Player

On his personal YouTube channel – Paul gives us his Top 10 Throws

YouTube Description

Hey guys, I’m excited to be officially getting the Paul Ulibarri YouTube Channel going so to kick it off here’s a little video compilation/countdown of the best 10 throws (caught on camera) of my career so far. Can’t wait to see what the next 10 years have in store! What do you think, would you have changed anything in the list?

Be sure to like and subscribe if you want to help support me during these tough times, thank you! The intro/outro song is an original song made for this channel called “Tell Me It’s True” by my good friend Tyler Cox over at Aubri Lane Creative.

Huge thank you to Jomez Pro, Another Round Productions, DiscGolfTV, Disc Golf Monthly, Central Coast Disc Golf, and Anhyzer TV for getting the great footage!


How Can I Help Grow Disc Golf at West Winds?

We always need your volunteer time and effort to keep the course looking good and playable. This is a huge tract of land – 140 acres. It is not possible for one person to do it all.

Send me a message using the Contact Form to get on the volunteer roster.

We of course will have memberships and sponsorship opportunities as well. Stay tuned for those details.

Buy Your Discs Through Links on This Website to Support the Course

I just got the website approved by Infinite Discs to be an affiliate with their business. Over the next two weeks I’ll be updating links to point to products on their site. When you click on a link to Infinite Discs from this website the West Winds Disc Golf course will get credit for the sale. Your support of our course through these purchases is appreciated.

Currently, the program pays out between 3% – 10% of any sale on the Infinite Disc site.

The money earned from sales will be used to build tee pads, get professional signs made, build picnic areas and to purchase more baskets.

Please help the West Winds Disc Golf course by using our site for your future Disc Golf related purchases. Thank you so very much.

Stay safe and healthy out there Disc Golf fans. Do your practice!

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

An Introduction to Disc Golf with Nate Sexton

How to Get Started in Disc Golf? It’s one of the top questions I get when talking to all of the ball golf neighbors here at West Winds. The neighborhood started 30+ years ago as a golf community. So, there are a ton of golfers who are interested in playing Disc Golf too. Nate Sexton,…

Get Disc Golf Practice During Stay at Home Orders – Build Your Game

Getting out to practice can be a bit of a challenge right now due to stay-at-home orders around the country. Danny Lindahl from Dynamic Discs walks us through indoor practice to keep our skills sharp.

Disc Golf fans, we can’t let this stop us from working on our game and finding ways to improve for when we are able to get back to competitive play.

The best way to practice Disc Golf drives Using a net or Tarp

Whether you setup inside or in your backyard; using a net or tarp to practice your drives is a great way to retain muscle memory and work on your form. Remember, Disc Golf is about being smooth and using form to maximize distance. It is not how hard you throw.

Watch out For Lack of Information

  • Lack of disc feedback
  • Not able to see full flight
  • Unable to tell just how hard you are throwing
  • Cannot tell what the results of your throw are

Focus On The Positive

  • Work on throwing rhythm
  • Work on smooth x-step
  • Build muscle memory
  • Throw around 60-80% power
  • Build release consistency
  • Work on form

Protect People and Your Equipment

  • Avoid using your best discs
  • Beating a disc into a tarp will change flight characteristics
  • Throw while wearing proper shoes
  • Be sure your space inside allows for this type of workout
  • Be safe if other people are around
  • Discs hitting drywall or flesh do leave marks

Don’t forget to practice putting too. It’s easy to focus on drives and omit putting practice. On the course, it’s so easy to three putt which ruins that amazing drive off the tee. Putt for dough and drive for show.

Get started on building proper Disc Golf Throwing form – Smooth is Far

Simon Lizotte and Eagle McMahon have a great YouTube video tutorial that break down the form required to maximize distance. Hint: it’s not about buying the fastest speed driver and trying to throw it as hard as you can.

Simon and Eagle are two of the longest throwers in Disc Golf. They show exactly what you need to know in order to get the distance you want.

One of the common errors we all make when first starting out is to try and throw the disc as hard as possible. It turns out that it doesn’t go very far. It seems counterintuitive and can lead to frustration – but that’s just the way the physics works out. Smooth is far. Smooth is far.

Volunteer Some Time at Your Local Disc Golf Course

There are many courses around the country (West Winds Disc Golf included) that need help from local volunteers – even with stay-at-home orders. You may find an opportunity that allows for getting out on a course by yourself to do a bit of cleanup. While you’re walking around – take a putter with you.

When you move from one area to the next – putt your way to your destination. Learning putter is one of the best ways to move your game to the next level.

Also, you’re building amazing Disc Golf karma that comes in handy when playing that league round or tournament. Knowing the course at an intimate level allows for knowledge that other players do not have. You hone an edge while out there working.

Reach out and let me know if you’re interested in lending a hand.

The West Winds Disc Golf Show