Membership and Groundskeepers

Disc Golf Course Memberships

Next year we will put together club membership options.

Join the West Winds Disc Golf Groundskeeper Club

If you are interested in helping take care of the course and want to do work as a member of the volunteer club – sign up today.

Groundskeeper Benefits

  • All you can breathe fresh air
  • Member of a Neighborhood Team
  • Bragging rights at The Palace Restaurant
  • Cool Patch or Bag Tag
  • Feared by dandelions
  • Yearly banquet and awards
  • Use power tools to shape the land
  • Dig holes – with and without power tools
  • Learn secret handshake
  • First dibs on West Wind branded discs and apparel
  • Plant trees, shrubs, florals and other vegetation type things
  • Sense of accomplishment and pride in our neighborhood

Sign Up Today to Become a Groundskeeper

It is going to take us about 10 years of hard work to get the course to the ideal tournament destination. But along the way we will build the support system to keep the neighborhood looking attractive for buyers and sellers, provide an outlet for our kids to “get out and play”, to give green thumbs an opportunity to grow things and to provide a place for Disc Golfers to improve their game for any course they want to play.

Be safe and stay healthy. Get out and play!

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

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