Basket Sponsors

There are a handful of ways you can participate in the success of West Winds Disc Golf course. Of course one of the most helpful ways is to come out, play and have fun.

For each basket we have on the course it is available for sponsorship. Baskets are designed to last 20 years so make your message a good one.

  • $500 Dollars to Sponsor
  • Includes Lifetime Rounds of Disc Golf (for Members of One Home Address)
  • No Membership Purchases Required in the Future
  • No Fees for Disc Golf Learning Clinics
  • Custom Message on Top Band of Basket
  • Choose from Available Baskets below

East Course Baskets Available for Sponsorship

Practice 1 & 2 – Adopted

Flash Embroidery

Hole 1 – Adopted

Lost River Vacations

Hole 2 – Adopted

Danny R.

Hole 3 – Adopted

Anthony B. (working on message)

Hole 4 – Available

Hole 5 – Adopted

Jim B.

Hole 6 – Adopted

Jeff W.

Hole 7 – Adopted

The Booth Family

Hole 8 – Adopted

Thomas P.

“KVP CPAs, LLC – your 1040 rated CPA firm. We are better at doing your taxes than you are at finding your discs”

Hole 9 – Available

Hole 10 – Adopted

Jen and Mark W.

Hole 11 – Available

Hole 12 – Available

Hole 13 – Adopted

The Sauer Family

Hole 14 – Available

Hole 15 – Adopted

Doug W.

Hole 16 – Adopted

Joey C.

Hole 17 – Adopted

Mattheis Family
Loves Disc Golf

Hole 18 – Available

Adopt Your Basket Today

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

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