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You are coming to West Winds Disc Golf to play at your own risk.

Groups must not be larger than 6. If there is a back up on any tee, players are to maintain Maryland social distance guidelines.

Do not come to the course is you have any of the Coronavirus symptoms.

A Personal Message

I am completely thrilled that you are coming out to play the course here at West Winds Disc Golf and I hope you have a great time.

I, Joseph Booth, am not the property owner of this course.

All of us have to respect the gift that the property owner has bestowed upon us to use his 140 acres to create an amazing Disc Golf experience.

Please do not come out if you are not able to respect the rules. There are many other courses in the area and you can certainly have a wonderful time at those locations too.

We are not funded by government tax dollars.

West Winds Disc Golf is built in a family friendly neighborhood and one of the primary missions of the course is to Grow Disc Golf. We plan to have many juniors on the course, increase the presence of women players, encourage people of all ethnic, religious, political, racial, sexual orientation and to be an inclusive environment for all who want to play.

You will be asked to leave the course if you choose to behave against the Disc Golfers Code, the expectations we have of all players and this personal request I am making of you.

Thank you for understanding.

Bring Water and Bring Water

The 18 holes on the East Course are easily a two-three mile walk and up to six miles if you are crisscrossing across fairways.

The course has a lot of elevation change. You need water. Don’t arrive without it. Seriously, bring water with you. An umbrella for shade is recommended too.


Until the restaurant opens there are no restrooms at the course.

Use the Restroom prior to arrival. No Restrooms available at the course until restaurant opens.

Do yourself a huge favor. Make a quick stop at one of the many businesses that have public restrooms prior to coming out to the course.

Hours of Operation

We are open daily from Sunrise to Sunset. No holiday closings at this time.


Donate $4-$6 dollars to Play. Please donate before your round.

The easiest way to use PayPal is through an app on your smartphone. We have QR codes on the tee signs at hole 1 and hole 18. Just point and give.

Your donation is 100% used to make West Winds Disc Golf better. Thank you so very much.

We Use PayPal for Donations.

$4 – $6 dollars is appreciated

Please send to

We are also an Infinite Disc affiliate. Clicking on links on our site to go to Infinite Discs before you buy helps us get 5-8% on sales. All money goes back into the course.

Expectations for Player Conduct

Please respect the property boundaries and if your disc goes into someone’s backyard you will be considered trespassing if you do not get permission to enter their yard.

The vast majority of the neighbors are extremely friendly and nice. You probably won’t run into much hassle at all.

Please refrain from use of inappropriate adult only language around the many kids who play in the backyards of most homes that line the course.

Cigarette butts are trash. Please take them and any other trash with you.

No Alcohol on Disc Golf Course.

Cigarette butts are trash – take them with you.

Limit adult conversations around children in backyards of the houses lining the fairways.

The property owner has not approved alcohol consumption on the course at this time. Please do not drink alcohol on the property until it is approved by the property owner. He is in the process of obtaining a liquor license. He is the one who makes this course possible – please be respectful of that.

We all have to be the best representation of the PDGA’s Disc Golfers Code and be ambassadors of the sport. Many of the people in the neighborhood have never seen disc golf before. Please be kind and patient if they ask about disc golf.


You can park anywhere there is an open spot. Please allow room between cars during the Coronavirus pandemic – as a courtesy to others.

Overflow Parking is across the street.

Course Map

Be prepared to walk about 2-3 miles and up to 6 miles if you are crisscrossing the fairways.

Click Course Map to Open

The course is also listed on UDisc, Disc Golf Course Review, Disc Golf Scene and the PDGA Course Directory. Please use UDisc to score your round and get on the leader boards.

East Course Drone Flyovers

Drone footage produced by Kevin Show of Flying Koala Photography.

Hole Maps

Where to Eat?

The Palace Restaurant will offer food once it is open. But right now, you can either bring food with you or choose from many local restaurants.

Food is within a 10 minute drive.

At the intersection of 40 and 75 in Old New Market. We have the major fast-food joints, some local options: pizza, asian, american grill and those sorts of businesses.

Heading out towards Frederick at the intersection of Monacacy and 26 there are even more options for food.

Address to WEst Winds Disc Golf

11330 Country Club Road, New Market, MD 21774 this link will open up Google Maps for you. From the road, once you’re in the neighborhood, look for the old West Winds Golf sign to find the turn into the parking lot.

The disc golf course is located in a residential neighborhood. The easiest landmark to see is the West Winds Tennis Club from Gas House Pike.

become A PDGA Member

The next step after getting comfortable with the Disc Golf environment is to join the Professional Disc Golf Association – PDGA.

Already a member but haven’t renewed? It’s a great time to renew now.

My personal favorite benefits – in no particular order.

  • Free UDisc Subscription – How to Link PDGA Number
  • Quarterly Discgolfer Magazine
  • Discounts for Tournament Players
  • Get Rated for Tournament Play
  • The right to vote and guide the direction of the PDGA

Thank you so very much for planning to spend your round with us. I hope you enjoy the course as it is now and continue to enjoy it as we further refine it to make it even better.

Share With Other Disc Golf Fans

It would be appreciated if you can share with other players that we are open and ready to play. Please send them the link to this page.

The course is very wide open right now. For people who may not want to give it a shot because of sticker bushes, ticks, creepy crawlies, poison ivy, snakes, monsters and the boogie man. This course is very beginner friendly but long.

For the big arms out there. You can UNLEASH out here and get full flight very easily.

I’m looking forward to you coming out to play very soon.

Let’s do this #discgolf fans!


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  1. Haven’t played yet, but the signs seem… odd to me. The Jr pad should always be closest, and the Pro pad should always be furthest away, and the par should be based on the distance to the pin, regardless of which pad it is (e.g. Jr pad should not be a par 4 if the Am pad is closer and is a pad 3). Also it looks like there’s a 757′ par 3? I get that the course isn’t even open yet, and the pad locations are subject to change, and I appreciate that there are signs of any kind available before the start!

  2. Are dogs allowed? On leash and under control at all times, of course. Along with picking up after them.

  3. Just curious what the timeline is for permanent tee pads and the West Course. Also is there anywhere I can sign up to help if possible? West winds is my home course and I think it has a lot of potential. I see that many trees have been planted and that is very exciting.

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