Recommended Discs for New Players That Want to Get Better

You can’t go wrong with advice from Nate Sexton.

I get asked what discs do I recommend for someone just starting out in the sport. Sometimes it’s for adults and other times for young juniors who are brand spanking new to the sport.

If you are brand new to the sport keep it simple and start slow. Distance and accuracy come with practice.

I am a very average player and even though I have a few years under my belt I make tons of disc purchase mistakes on a regular basis.

But even though I say this about myself – I still have an opinion about the subject and this page is what I think about starting out throwing discs.

Disc Golf Discs to Start Learning How to Throw With Control and Confidence

So – for me – it’s not really about brand, what a favorite pro throws or what I see other people throwing out there on the course.

Start out with:

  1. Putter (speed 1-3)
  2. Mid-Range (speed 4-5)
  3. Fairway Driver (speed 6-8)
    • Only after a few weeks of Putter and Mid-Range throwing

If you are brand new to the sport. Keep it simple and start slow. Slow meaning lower speed discs. Lower speed meaning putters, mid-range and maybe a fairway driver.

Also realize that the discs you start out with… probably are not the ones you will throw a year from now. So, don’t worry about building brand loyalty or player loyalty. Just work on your throwing technique and learn the flight properties of your discs.

What is a Disc Golf Putter?

These are discs with a very rounded edge and they tend to be the closest in feel to a traditional frisbee. Most beginners should feel pretty comfortable with a putter in their hand to get things started.

Profile of a typical putter. Notice the very rounded edge.

What is a Disc Golf Mid-Range?

With these discs you will start to see a narrowing of the rim. There is a bit more “point” to them and the rim itself will start to feel a bit wider in your hand.

Here we see a bit more “point” to the edge. This makes it a bit more aerodynamic.

What is a Disc Golf Fairway Driver?

These discs move more into a pointed edge to start leveraging the flight properties of a “narrow” wing. A good starting point for learning to throw drivers.

The narrow edge of the Fairway Driver increases aerodynamic properties.

But the Pros Throw…

Just starting out? You are not a pro.

Watch the pros to enjoy seeing top quality Disc Golf and to learn how they manage their play on the course.

Your arm, technique, form and focus will take time to develop. Do not rush the process – embrace it.

Put a limit on yourself and keep the first number (speed) to 6 or 7 and lower.

Resist the temptation to buy a driver that you are not ready for. When looking at flight numbers – these are typically 4 numbers printed on the disc. In most cases the very first number indicates the speed of the disc.

The higher those numbers the more difficult it is to achieve the flight properties of the disc.

Put a limit on yourself and keep the first number (speed) to 6 or 7 and lower. You will thank me later when you develop your technique and your playing partners still struggle with the 135 gram Blizzard Boss that just never does what it is supposed to do.

Do yourself a huge favor and keep the aspirations of throwing like a top tier pro to the back of your mind for now. Take baby steps and ease into it. One small step at a time.

A Disc is Not a Frisbee

Many people I talk to think that a disc is a Frisbee. This is not Frisbee. Yes. You are throwing an aerodynamic piece of plastic. That’s about where all the similarities end.

Disc Golf and throwing discs is an athletic move. It takes timing, practice, focus and hard work to really figure out how to get the results you want from your disc.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to grab your starter discs and go to the driving range.

Just going out and buying up a bunch of discs that you aren’t ready to throw is going to frustrate you, strike fear into those around you (you will lack control) and you can actually injure yourself through improper throwing technique.

You are starting to learn a new sport. Do not make the assumption that this is something so easy that you don’t have to actually spend time learning what you are doing.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to grab your starter discs and go to the driving range.

Learn to throw before you learn to Disc Golf. Learn to throw… learn to throw… at the driving range. It’s safe there – for you and everyone else on the course.

Best Video Clinic To Learn How to Throw A Disc Using Technique

Two top tier pros share their knowledge. Learn to throw.

This is a YouTube playlist with over 40 videos to get you started. Use the playlist menu to jump around to videos that interest you. I highly recommend watching the first one. This video changed my game for the better.

Discs I recommend to Buy To Get Started In Disc Golf

Knowing what I know now – after a few years playing. This is a list of discs that I would recommend to anyone starting to learn to throw discs.

Please keep in mind I have not thrown all discs by all manufactures. This is just what I know.



Fairway Drivers

How Do I Know Which Plastic and Weight?

I really don’t have a great answer for this.

For me, plastic is about feel at first. But later on you will learn that it also affects flight characteristics as well. To start, I would just go with base plastic for any manufacturer. It tends to be the most affordable and frankly feels pretty good in the hand.

Weight. That’s a tough one. It’s going to depend on who the player is. I might go for a 150 gram disc for a young junior just starting out, maybe 160-169 gram for an adult beginner and all the way up to 175 gram for a current athlete of a different sport (baseball, softball, track & field, tennis player, etc.).

The most important thing is to get some discs to get started. Do the best you can.

I’ve linked my recommendations to the Infinite Discs site. But you can run out to Dick’s Sporting Goods or Play It Again Sports and get discs too.

Using Infinite Discs helps the Disc Golf course if you want to. They give us 5-8% on sales of discs. I use any money earned through commissions to do projects here at West Winds.

Most Important Take-Aways

  • Start Slow
  • Use a Driving Range or Open Field to Learn to Throw
  • Learn to throw first
  • Practice
  • Set realistic expectations of yourself
  • Professional Disc Golfers have been throwing for decades
  • Get started throwing with slow speed discs – putter and mid-range
  • Resist the temptation to throw the drivers pros throw on video
  • Have fun while learning a new skill
  • Smooth is far, slow is smooth
  • Technique is more important than throwing hard

Good luck to you brand new #discgolf fan!

I look forward to seeing you out on the driving range very soon.

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

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Recommended Discs for New Players That Want to Get Better

I get asked what discs do I recommend for someone just starting out in the sport. Sometimes it’s for adults and other times for young juniors who are brand spanking new to the sport. If you are brand new to the sport keep it simple and start slow. Distance and accuracy come with practice. I…

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Paul Ulibarri (PDGA #27171) Helps Disc Golfers Improve Their Game

Subscribe to Paul’s YouTube Channel

This is a YouTube show that Paul Ulibarri (PDGA #27171) dropped on us recently. He really focuses on one thing to talk about for his “Down the Fairway” video series and teaches about that one thing.

I’m putting a playlist of his videos so that you can watch them back-to-back. Over time I’ll keep adding his future videos so all of these will be in one place for you.

The videos tend to be 5-7 minutes long so far. Which for me is the perfect length and meets my attention span.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Disc Golf Instruction videos as much as the next player but it’s on YouTube and I got videos to watch. So for me, these bite sized nuggets of Disc Golf knowledge from a top pro in the game are golden and delicious.

What is in the Bag of Paul Ulibarri

Paul takes us through his bag

This is his 2019 in the bag video. His first year back with Team Discraft. Very traditional in the bag video that reveals his tour disc selection.

Paul has his very own website where you can pick up Ulibarri branded discs, apparel and accessories. If you are a fan or find yourself a new fan of his – jump over to his site and pick up some cool disc golf products. It also helps support him professionally and keeps him out on tour which helps all of us witness great disc golf.

A Focus on the Discraft Raptor

Paul and Discraft create a new disc

YouTube Description

Confidence is KING. This First Run Raptor driver has been a collaboration between our Team Discraft captain, Paul Ulibarri and our Discraft R&D guys. Driving into wind – check. Flex shots, Sidearm – check, check.

The Raptor delivers the most confidence you’ve ever felt in a driver under 300ft. Make room in your bag, this just became a staple.

Raptor Distance Driver:

  • Z Plastic
  • Speed 9
  • Glide 4
  • Turn 0
  • Fade 3
  • Stability 2.1


Getting to KNow Paul Ulibarri

This is more for the Disc Golf fans like myself who like to know what goes on in the lives of the professional players. For me, it’s interesting to know what is going on with the sponsorship side of the sport and the decisions the players have to make.

Circle Zero interviews Paul at the 2018 Memorial Tournament

Getting to see inside the mind of Paul Ulibarri is a gift that YouTube provides us. Thank you YouTube… thank you for delivering us amazing content Disc Golf Pro Tour.

Now is a great time to join the PDGA!

Joseph Booth (PDGA #98153)

Right now, the sport is still at a size where it still has a bit of an “underground” type of feel.

Although I suspect the truly long time players think the sport is completely mainstream with the numbers of people playing and the PDGA membership growing to well over 130,000 registered members. We still have a long way to go.

Jomez Pro Shares his Humor

The guys at Jomez roast our Pro

Classic Disc Golf humor and Paul is such a great sport about it. This video is guaranteed to make you laugh and to add new ways to poke fun of your friends while you are playing your own rounds.

I’m pretty sure this video is referenced 2-3 times per round that I play with my long time Disc Golf friends. Love this stuff. Keep it up Jomez!

What Does A Practice Round With Paul Ulibarri Look Like?

Practice round with Paul Ulibarri on the card

Disc Golf fans, you have probably already picked up on the fact that I am a Brodie Smith fan. Here is a really fun practice round from the 2020 Memorial Championships that Brodie posted on his YouTube channel.

Player Roster:

A Collection of Top Throws by Our Professional Player

On his personal YouTube channel – Paul gives us his Top 10 Throws

YouTube Description

Hey guys, I’m excited to be officially getting the Paul Ulibarri YouTube Channel going so to kick it off here’s a little video compilation/countdown of the best 10 throws (caught on camera) of my career so far. Can’t wait to see what the next 10 years have in store! What do you think, would you have changed anything in the list?

Be sure to like and subscribe if you want to help support me during these tough times, thank you! The intro/outro song is an original song made for this channel called “Tell Me It’s True” by my good friend Tyler Cox over at Aubri Lane Creative.

Huge thank you to Jomez Pro, Another Round Productions, DiscGolfTV, Disc Golf Monthly, Central Coast Disc Golf, and Anhyzer TV for getting the great footage!


How Can I Help Grow Disc Golf at West Winds?

We always need your volunteer time and effort to keep the course looking good and playable. This is a huge tract of land – 140 acres. It is not possible for one person to do it all.

Send me a message using the Contact Form to get on the volunteer roster.

We of course will have memberships and sponsorship opportunities as well. Stay tuned for those details.

Buy Your Discs Through Links on This Website to Support the Course

I just got the website approved by Infinite Discs to be an affiliate with their business. Over the next two weeks I’ll be updating links to point to products on their site. When you click on a link to Infinite Discs from this website the West Winds Disc Golf course will get credit for the sale. Your support of our course through these purchases is appreciated.

Currently, the program pays out between 3% – 10% of any sale on the Infinite Disc site.

The money earned from sales will be used to build tee pads, get professional signs made, build picnic areas and to purchase more baskets.

Please help the West Winds Disc Golf course by using our site for your future Disc Golf related purchases. Thank you so very much.

Stay safe and healthy out there Disc Golf fans. Do your practice!

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

An Introduction to Disc Golf with Nate Sexton

How to Get Started in Disc Golf? It’s one of the top questions I get when talking to all of the ball golf neighbors here at West Winds. The neighborhood started 30+ years ago as a golf community. So, there are a ton of golfers who are interested in playing Disc Golf too. Nate Sexton,…

Andrew Fish (PDGA #58320) Our Professional Maryland Disc Golfer

Coverage of Andrew Fish at the 2019 Warwick Open in New York.

We have a “local” player – he’s out of Baltimore – who represents Maryland Disc Golf at Tournaments up and down the East Coast.

Andrew Fish (PDGA #58320) has transformed into one of the top pros in Disc Golf and it is exciting to watch him methodically navigate very tough courses. He is also a very passionate advocate for the inclusion of players regardless of gender, racial, and economic status.

Supporting women’s disc golf is important for me because it’s an obvious place where the demographics of disc golf don’t match up with the demographics of states, countries, heck, the world.

Andrew Fish (

Andrew is a co-tournament director for the Women’s Open of Maryland. The tournament is still on the schedule to happen later this year. For female athletes looking to get started in disc golf or seasoned players looking for top quality competition this is an amazing event to participate in. The official sign up is on Disc Golf Scene.

On this blog I wrote about the tournament and the recent addition of $3,000 dollars cash to fund payouts for the event.

There are many of us in the lower amateur ranks here in Maryland who watch him play on video and talk about him during our own rounds. He is the guy who has been able to take his game to a totally different level and get on lead cards with the top players of the sport.

For the 2019 Season he was ranked number 70 in the world. That is totally awesome and an impressive feat. Let’s all hope he keeps climbing up that ladder to the number 1 spot.

It also turns out that he is an incredibly nice guy, easy to talk to and has a way of explaining his Disc Golf strategy that is so easy to comprehend.

My hope is to get him to West Winds Disc Golf once per quarter to play a “Meet the Pro” round with a small group of amateur players. The insight and nuggets of information he drops on you while playing a casual round are absolutely game changing.

What is in the Bag of Andrew Fish?

In the Bag for the 2019 Season

Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned veteran – it’s always good to know what people who are better than you use for their game. Andrew takes 8 minutes to go through his bag and share with us why and what he carries to destroy the competition.


  • Roach (Soft X Plastic)


  • Zone (Z Plastic)
  • Challenger (Crystal Plastic)
  • Challenger (X Plastic)


  • Comet (ESP Plastic)
  • Comet (Z Plastic)
  • Wasp (Z Plastic)

Fairway Driver

  • Vulture (Test Flight)
  • Undertaker (Z Plastic)


  • Force (Z Plastic)
  • Raptor (Z Plastic)

Utility – Roller

  • Crank (Z Plastic)
  • Thrasher (Z Plastic)

Bench Discs

  • Undertaker (Z Plastic)
  • Crank (Z Plastic)
  • Machete (Z Plastic)
  • Nuke OS (Z Plastic)

Disc Golf Bag

  • Upper Park – Shift
  • Upper Park – Rebel

So there you go. A whole roster of discs that a top tier pro uses to play the game.

It’s good to know what he is throwing. But you have to remember that as amateur players we typically lack the arm speed to get the same flight out of our discs. So you have to make sure you are getting discs that match your arm speed.

When in doubt – throw a Comet.

Andrew Fish

It’s a bit tricky to figure that out at first. But with practice and throwing discs regularly you’ll get the hang of it. Go out to your local course and play some rounds with random players to get a sense of what they use. Pay close attention to amateurs who throw similar distances and pick their brains and bags to see what they throw.

Where Can I Buy Discs?

There are several online companies that sell discs. For the past two years I have used Infinite Discs to purchase all my plastic. They have a great selection and they show you a photograph of the exact disc you add to your basket.

Discs are searchable so you can see very quickly if they have the one you are looking for.

For those of you looking to pick up any of the sweet discs that Andrew carries in his bag I’ve already found the link to the Discraft section on Infinite Discs for you. Head over and up your game with new additions to your bag.

Most of the Disc Golf manufactures also offer sales through their site as well. I find that their prices are a bit higher. But if for some reason Infinite Discs doesn’t have something you’re looking for – always try the manufacturers site.

I have been hard pressed not to find a disc I was looking for on the Infinite Disc site. In fact, I buy all my RPM discs from the site. My favorite is the RuRu putter – for me it feels like an old fashioned frisbee that I can get tight up to the basket to save strokes. Great approach disc in my very amateur opinion.

Talking about saving strokes. I found this great tutorial video of Andrew teaching us the how and why of the jump putt. It’s an older video – but the content is gold!

HOw and Why to Jump Putt

Putting is what separates the good players from the great players.

The information Andrew shares with us in this video from 2017 is still relevant today. Players have to understand when to use and how to execute the jump putt.

When watching coverage on YouTube you will see top tier players use the jump putt to save strokes all the time. It’s something you’ll see us amateur players use in rounds too.

Players like James Conrad (PDGA #17295) are absolutely deadly with the jump putt.

Lot’s of great clips of James Conrad hitting amazing jump putts.

Well Disc Golf fans – I hope you dig deep into the YouTubes to find other coverage of our Maryland Pro in tournament play. It’s great to watch him on video but even better if you catch him in a local tournament to see him in person.

What’s great about actually being at a tournament is to get a true sense of the distance the pros throw and the sound that comes out of the disc when it leaves their hand.

It’s one part of the disc golf experience that video coverage doesn’t quiet capture. That roaring rip through the air when a disc is released is fantastic!

How Can I Help West Winds Disc Golf?

We are always looking for volunteers to help with projects here at the course. There is a contact form you can use to reach out and add your name to our volunteer roster. Do it today so you get on the list and don’t miss out.

Sneak peek information – baskets will be coming in the near future. We are going to need a good crew to get them in the ground. More information about this in the upcoming week or so. Very exciting stuff.

Also, follow the course on Twitter and subscribe to the YouTube channel. We are giving away discs, PDGA items and other cool stuff. Trying to get the YouTube channel to 1,000 subscribers so we can use some of the additional features of YouTube.

Let’s do this Disc Golf fans!

Stay safe and healthy. Get out to a field and work on your game.

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

An Introduction to Disc Golf with Nate Sexton

How to Get Started in Disc Golf? It’s one of the top questions I get when talking to all of the ball golf neighbors here at West Winds. The neighborhood started 30+ years ago as a golf community. So, there are a ton of golfers who are interested in playing Disc Golf too. Nate Sexton,…

What A Tournament Might Look Like at West Winds Disc Golf

I found coverage of the 2019 San Francisco Open and could see many similarities between the two properties. Now this is not an exact match as Gleneagles has a bit more tree as obstacle in the layout.

With a bit of imagination it isn’t hard to see that the course here could be a showcase for Disc Golf like what has been pulled off by the tournament directors, course designers, volunteers and owners of the Gleneagles course in California.

Men’s 2019 San Francisco Open Coverage

To avoid spoilers for those who have not seen the tournament I will not talk about the winners of the Men and Women’s Pro Open.

But I will share some of the tournament stats. It was held over two days with three rounds played during that time period. With men and women combined there were 155 competitors battling for a total purse of $42,902 dollars.

Women’s 2019 San Francisco Open Coverage

I have no doubt that we can build a tournament of this level within the first 5-10 years of the course hosting competitive play. This is totally doable disc golf fans.

How Can I Help Bring the Dream Alive

Come out when we open and play as many rounds of Disc Golf that you can – all year long. We have to wait to see how all this COVID-19 stuff is going to play out.

But until then. We have a few volunteer work projects that need extra hands to help out with.

Maybe you are someone who isn’t into diving into ditches to clear them out?

Well, we can use people with art backgrounds to create our logo, take pictures of the course to use on the website, video talent to create content for the YouTube channel, social media masters to help get the word out.

There is probably some aspect of this project that you can help out with. Use the Contact Form to send me a message of support and I’ll add you to the volunteer roster.

Insane Paul McBeth BeastMode Highlights

I’m trying to include some amazing videos of Disc Golf that keep the flame alive and will hopefully inspire new players to try the sport.

Here is a collection of amazing highlights from the 5 time World Champion Paul McBeth.

Incredible Paige Pierce Highlights

Fans of Women’s Disc Golf know that you just can’t mess with Paige Pierce. She is deadly long from the tee, her approach shots are money and her putts are at the top of the sport.

Check out this amazing collection of clips from the 5 time World Champion during 2019.

What Do I Do now?

All this video got you pumped up… get out an throw some plastic!

Avery Jenkins gets us on track to practice like a pro.

The worst thing for your game is to spend too much time in front of your device. You must get out to the field to get better.

How Do I pick a Disc Golf Driver for Distance?

Best Disc Golf Discs put together a very good video that breaks down the physics of which driver you should look at adding to your bag.

Many aspects of flight are discussed and what the pros are doing to make their selections.

Science and Disc Golf are awesome.

Alright, that’s a whole bunch of Disc Golf awesomeness. Time to put it down and go throw some plastic to make my own game better.

Look forward to seeing you on the course soon. Stay safe and healthy Disc Golf fans!

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

Maryland Women’s Disc Golf Tournament – $3,000 in Added Cash for Competitors

Video coverage from the 2019 Tournament – 2 Rounds

Women’s Open of Maryland Disc Golf Tournament could still happen this year. The registration has been moved to May 15th (as of April 24) and the tournament directors are still planning on holding the event. So keep an eye out on the registration page.

Women and girls of all skill levels are invited to play in this tournament.

Players that are interested in going head-to-head against other women disc golfers – now is the time to add this on your calendar. The official place to sign-up is on the Disc Golf Scene website.

What is the WOmen’s Open of Maryland?

It is an event dedicated to provide a professional tournament environment where women and girls are the focus of the competition. The atmosphere is very supportive, highly encouraging and full of camaraderie between everyone participating.

It is a PDGA sanctioned event for women only. Currently, it is held annually at the Seneca Creek State Park disc golf course.

Women and girls of all skill levels are invited to play in this tournament. It offers an amazing first tournament experience for newcomers to the sport and veterans alike.

There are different divisions for all the many skill levels. So players who are brand new aren’t going to be set to compete against a far more skilled player.

Men are invited to participate by helping with tournament operations, volunteer as spotters or caddies and to find ways to sponsor different parts of the event. There are many ways that men can help make this a successful event. Contact the Tournament Directors to let them know you want to help support the tournament.

The PDGA and Women’s Disc Golf

There is a Women’s Committee within the PDGA to help grow the sport among female athletes. The goal is to attract, encourage, and retain more participation by women in organized disc golf events.

Elaine King is the current chair of the Women’s Committee and is available to help or answer any questions you may have about the committee.

Elaine King interviewed after the final round of the 2019 MVP Open.

For those of you new to the sport. Elaine King (PDGA #3090) is a professional disc golf world champion (5 times) and hall of fame member (1997). She is an ambassador for the sport and is known to be gracious and a joy to play a round with.

A Message from the Tournament Directors

There are two people that co-direct this tournament: Allie Stone (PDGA #57951) and Andrew Fish (PDGA #58320). Their goals for the tournament are to plan, fundraise, organize, and run a disc golf tournament:

  • Where women and girls feel welcome, appreciated, and empowered as participants,
  • That cultivates camaraderie, sportsmanship, competition, and fun,
  • To enhance the community of women and girls playing disc golf in the Mid-Atlantic region.

If you want to sign up for the tournament you’ll want to bookmark the Disc Golf Scene page with the tournament signup form.

Paige Pierce on Throwing Putters

Don’t forget to get out when you can to practice your form, get your putting motion locked down, build up your stamina to trek through the course and be ready to have a great time!

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

Get Disc Golf Practice During Stay at Home Orders – Build Your Game

Getting out to practice can be a bit of a challenge right now due to stay-at-home orders around the country. Danny Lindahl from Dynamic Discs walks us through indoor practice to keep our skills sharp.

Disc Golf fans, we can’t let this stop us from working on our game and finding ways to improve for when we are able to get back to competitive play.

The best way to practice Disc Golf drives Using a net or Tarp

Whether you setup inside or in your backyard; using a net or tarp to practice your drives is a great way to retain muscle memory and work on your form. Remember, Disc Golf is about being smooth and using form to maximize distance. It is not how hard you throw.

Watch out For Lack of Information

  • Lack of disc feedback
  • Not able to see full flight
  • Unable to tell just how hard you are throwing
  • Cannot tell what the results of your throw are

Focus On The Positive

  • Work on throwing rhythm
  • Work on smooth x-step
  • Build muscle memory
  • Throw around 60-80% power
  • Build release consistency
  • Work on form

Protect People and Your Equipment

  • Avoid using your best discs
  • Beating a disc into a tarp will change flight characteristics
  • Throw while wearing proper shoes
  • Be sure your space inside allows for this type of workout
  • Be safe if other people are around
  • Discs hitting drywall or flesh do leave marks

Don’t forget to practice putting too. It’s easy to focus on drives and omit putting practice. On the course, it’s so easy to three putt which ruins that amazing drive off the tee. Putt for dough and drive for show.

Get started on building proper Disc Golf Throwing form – Smooth is Far

Simon Lizotte and Eagle McMahon have a great YouTube video tutorial that break down the form required to maximize distance. Hint: it’s not about buying the fastest speed driver and trying to throw it as hard as you can.

Simon and Eagle are two of the longest throwers in Disc Golf. They show exactly what you need to know in order to get the distance you want.

One of the common errors we all make when first starting out is to try and throw the disc as hard as possible. It turns out that it doesn’t go very far. It seems counterintuitive and can lead to frustration – but that’s just the way the physics works out. Smooth is far. Smooth is far.

Volunteer Some Time at Your Local Disc Golf Course

There are many courses around the country (West Winds Disc Golf included) that need help from local volunteers – even with stay-at-home orders. You may find an opportunity that allows for getting out on a course by yourself to do a bit of cleanup. While you’re walking around – take a putter with you.

When you move from one area to the next – putt your way to your destination. Learning putter is one of the best ways to move your game to the next level.

Also, you’re building amazing Disc Golf karma that comes in handy when playing that league round or tournament. Knowing the course at an intimate level allows for knowledge that other players do not have. You hone an edge while out there working.

Reach out and let me know if you’re interested in lending a hand.

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

The Rules of Disc Golf Explained with Ninh Ly

This is a great video that explains in a five minutes the rules of disc golf as well as showing amazing coverage of disc golf tournament play.

You’ll get a good sense of the sport, the rules surrounding play and the types of courses that disc golfers seek out.

Disc Golf 101: What is Disc Golf?

I really like concise videos that provide quick bites of information about the sport. This video by Best Disc Golf Discs does a great job of quickly explaining what disc golf is to a newcomer.

Enjoy new Disc Golf fan!

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

An Introduction to Disc Golf with Nate Sexton

How to Get Started in Disc Golf?

It’s one of the top questions I get when talking to all of the ball golf neighbors here at West Winds. The neighborhood started 30+ years ago as a golf community. So, there are a ton of golfers who are interested in playing Disc Golf too.

Nate Sexton, who is one of the sports top professionals, explains in under 5 minutes a great way to get started. He spends a few minutes talking about disc properties and introduces you to how to throw a disc. Hint: it’s not the same as the old school frisbee you may remember from childhood.

The Professional Disc Golfers Association (PDGA) also has a great page that introduces new players to the sport. It explains what Disc Golf is and the many health benefits of the sport for personal development.

When the time comes – I recommend membership. The magazine is awesome, you get a rating that allows you to know how you stack up against other players for tournament/league play, you get a free app (U-Disc) to help score, keep statistics, measure your throws, find courses near you and more.

Disc Golf Manufactures with Starter Packs

Pretty much all of the major manufacturers have a start pack that contains three discs: putter, mid-range and driver. Remember what Nate said in the video that unlike traditional ball golf – Disc Golfers will often throw a putter as their driver. There isn’t a rule that says you have to throw discs in a certain order.

There is an online Disc Golf company called “Infinite Discs” that sells all sorts of related products for the sport. They have a whole page of all the starter packs in one place so you can shop and purchase online.

I like Infinite Discs and have been ordering from them for almost two years. You get to pick the exact disc you want and it ships very fast. Highly recommend them.

Disc Golf is a great sport to pick-up, it’s a whole lot harder than the pros on JomezPro make it look and you’ll enjoy getting outdoors to play with friends who are also learning it too. Looking forward to having you out at West Winds once we’re officially open.

Oh… we will have plenty of room for practice. So you can get started without having to play courses that you’re not ready for.

Disc Golf Played by Professionals – The Best Highlights of the 2019 Tour Season

JomezPro is the premiere producer of Disc Golf tour coverage. If you’re new to the sport and want to see how professionals play the game – head over to YouTube and be sure to subscribe to their channel.

What are the Basic Rules for Disc Golf?

It’s hard to know when you first play what the rules of the game are. So many of us start out playing the game very casually and with other people who may have learned the game from other people that played very loose interpretation of the rules.

The PDGA does post the rules of Disc Golf online for all players. There is also a printed version of the rules if you want to keep a copy in your bag or cart during rounds.

That being said. Most rounds are very casual and player groups will play with whatever agreed upon rules they want for that round. The “official rules” come into play when you make the step into tournament and league play. It is to your benefit to know the rules in these environments because a few simple play mistakes can cost you strokes.

The Absolute Basic Rules

  1. The game is played like ball golf except you throw your “clubs” (disc). The winner of a disc golf round is the player with the lowest score.
  2. You start each hole at the appropriate “tee box”.
  3. After each player has thrown their tee shot; the player furthest from the basket throws their next shot first from where their disc lies on the ground. Repeat until all players have thrown their second shot.
  4. Play all shots until all players have succeeded in getting their disc into the basket.
  5. The player with the fewest throws on the previous hole goes first.
  6. Be courteous to other players on the course.
  7. Carry out any trash you generate during the round.
  8. Watch out for other people sharing the great outdoors.
  9. Have fun.
  10. Repeat often.

Get out and play some Disc Golf. Responsibly, maintaining social distance and all that sort of thing. Be safe and stay healthy Disc Golf Fans!

What does Nate Sexton have in his bag?

If you are new to the sport it’s going to be some time before you can throw like Nate Sexton. But it’s extremely helpful to start getting an idea on what the pros throw and some of the reasons they bag one disc over another.

Here is a list of the discs that Nate has in his bag for 2020:




Fairway Driver



When I started playing it was the most confusing thing to figure out what those weird numbers were printed on the disc.

This YouTube playlist from the Best Disc Golf Discs Channel walks you through everything you need to know in order to understand what the numbers mean, what is over and under stable and what/why glide is so important.

The content is presented with such great explanation and in a friendly technical language that even I was able to understand what the heck they were talking about. I spend the vast majority of my time copy and pasting for a living – so physics isn’t really my thing.

Welcome to Disc Golf. Looking forward to seeing you on the course soon!

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

The Rules of Disc Golf Explained with Ninh Ly

This is a great video that explains in a five minutes the rules of disc golf as well as showing amazing coverage of disc golf tournament play. You’ll get a good sense of the sport, the rules surrounding play and the types of courses that disc golfers seek out. Disc Golf 101: What is Disc…