We are Open for Play and Practice

On Friday, June 10, 2020 we opened the course to players. The response has been very good and reserved at the same time. The players are not bunching up into close groups and play seems to be flowing pretty well through the course.

Plan Your Visit at plan.wwdg.club

There are a few changes we have had to make almost immediately due to unforeseen flight lines. Hole 1 and Hole 7 have seen tee boxes adjusted to change the line players have to throw. The hope is that discs will stay out of the yards of the neighbors as much as possible.

The hole maps will continue to show the old tee box layout. But these are temporary signs as we work though issues that come up during play.

Thank you For Your Support

Many people were worried that the PayPal method of payment collection would be a complete bust. Thankfully most of the players donated to play and I appreciate that very much. We have to continue to raise money to complete the second 18 hole course on the west side of the property.

Your Donation to Play Supports this Course. We are not funded by public tax dollars.

Please continue to use give.wwdg.club to donate to play or to just help out the project.

Basket Sponsorships are Now Available

There is a new page with pictures of each basket and the details for sponsoring one. We have a few that are still available.

Jump over to the Sponsorship page to adopt a basket today.

It has been Amazing

The response to the course has been very positive from so many of the players that have come out here. The notes, email, Facebook posts, tweets and face-to-face conversations have been absolutely amazing.

The Frederick News-Post wrote a story about the opening of the Disc Golf course.

I never imagined that so many people would enjoy playing the course. I had no idea how Maryland players would react to a course that is so different from the “typical” course they play in this region.

There have been many suggestions and comments about the current state of the course. I can assure you that there are many future plans to make this course even better.

If you’ve never read about the dream I have for West Winds Disc Golf. Take a peek inside my brain so you can get a better idea of where I see this project going over time.

I’ve even tried my best to describe how a tournament might look here.

So many players see the vision while walking around the course. They see the potential and recognize how special this course could become for Disc Golf in Maryland.

We are at a good starting point. This is just the beginning. Thank you for joining me on the journey into the future.

Let’s do this #discgolf fans!

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

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This is the Month of First 18 Basket Installation

There is so much going on here with the purchase of materials, coordinating volunteers and planning for the first 18 baskets to go into the ground.

This weekend, June 13 & 14 we are mixing and pouring the concrete for the basket sleeves. The Groundskeepers are fired up and ready to put the mix down on 48 bags of 80 pound concrete. We’re doing this Disc Golf fans!

Over the weekend of June 20 & 21 we are going to dig a few holes. Two feet deep and 12 inches in diameter. You know, easy stuff.

I’ve rented two gas augers with 12 inch auger bits. That should help us not kill ourselves trying to get the baskets in.

Oh… if you are a neighbor in the Lake Linganore neighborhoods. If you have a Golf Cart and want to help us drive the concrete forms out to the hole locations – please let me know or just come out to the work session.

Finally, over the course of the June 27 & 28 weekend. We will assemble the baskets and put them into the sleeves.

That’s the plan. We’re almost there Disc Golf fans.

Let’s do this!

Membership and Groundskeepers

Disc Golf Course Memberships

Next year we will put together club membership options.

Join the West Winds Disc Golf Groundskeeper Club

If you are interested in helping take care of the course and want to do work as a member of the volunteer club – sign up today.

Groundskeeper Benefits

  • All you can breathe fresh air
  • Member of a Neighborhood Team
  • Bragging rights at The Palace Restaurant
  • Cool Patch or Bag Tag
  • Feared by dandelions
  • Yearly banquet and awards
  • Use power tools to shape the land
  • Dig holes – with and without power tools
  • Learn secret handshake
  • First dibs on West Wind branded discs and apparel
  • Plant trees, shrubs, florals and other vegetation type things
  • Sense of accomplishment and pride in our neighborhood

Sign Up Today to Become a Groundskeeper

It is going to take us about 10 years of hard work to get the course to the ideal tournament destination. But along the way we will build the support system to keep the neighborhood looking attractive for buyers and sellers, provide an outlet for our kids to “get out and play”, to give green thumbs an opportunity to grow things and to provide a place for Disc Golfers to improve their game for any course they want to play.

Be safe and stay healthy. Get out and play!

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

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What A Tournament Might Look Like at West Winds Disc Golf

I found coverage of the 2019 San Francisco Open and could see many similarities between the two properties. Now this is not an exact match as Gleneagles has a bit more tree as obstacle in the layout.

With a bit of imagination it isn’t hard to see that the course here could be a showcase for Disc Golf like what has been pulled off by the tournament directors, course designers, volunteers and owners of the Gleneagles course in California.

Men’s 2019 San Francisco Open Coverage

To avoid spoilers for those who have not seen the tournament I will not talk about the winners of the Men and Women’s Pro Open.

But I will share some of the tournament stats. It was held over two days with three rounds played during that time period. With men and women combined there were 155 competitors battling for a total purse of $42,902 dollars.

Women’s 2019 San Francisco Open Coverage

I have no doubt that we can build a tournament of this level within the first 5-10 years of the course hosting competitive play. This is totally doable disc golf fans.

How Can I Help Bring the Dream Alive

Come out when we open and play as many rounds of Disc Golf that you can – all year long. We have to wait to see how all this COVID-19 stuff is going to play out.

But until then. We have a few volunteer work projects that need extra hands to help out with.

Maybe you are someone who isn’t into diving into ditches to clear them out?

Well, we can use people with art backgrounds to create our logo, take pictures of the course to use on the website, video talent to create content for the YouTube channel, social media masters to help get the word out.

There is probably some aspect of this project that you can help out with. Use the Contact Form to send me a message of support and I’ll add you to the volunteer roster.

Insane Paul McBeth BeastMode Highlights

I’m trying to include some amazing videos of Disc Golf that keep the flame alive and will hopefully inspire new players to try the sport.

Here is a collection of amazing highlights from the 5 time World Champion Paul McBeth.

Incredible Paige Pierce Highlights

Fans of Women’s Disc Golf know that you just can’t mess with Paige Pierce. She is deadly long from the tee, her approach shots are money and her putts are at the top of the sport.

Check out this amazing collection of clips from the 5 time World Champion during 2019.

What Do I Do now?

All this video got you pumped up… get out an throw some plastic!

Avery Jenkins gets us on track to practice like a pro.

The worst thing for your game is to spend too much time in front of your device. You must get out to the field to get better.

How Do I pick a Disc Golf Driver for Distance?

Best Disc Golf Discs put together a very good video that breaks down the physics of which driver you should look at adding to your bag.

Many aspects of flight are discussed and what the pros are doing to make their selections.

Science and Disc Golf are awesome.

Alright, that’s a whole bunch of Disc Golf awesomeness. Time to put it down and go throw some plastic to make my own game better.

Look forward to seeing you on the course soon. Stay safe and healthy Disc Golf fans!

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

Weekend Warriors Take on a Monumental Task

The other day when driving into the neighborhood I noticed that the monument for the Disc Golf course had become quite overgrown. Maybe you have noticed it as well – it’s kind of hard to miss at the corner of Country Club and SanAndrew.



Taming the Overgrowth

With 50-60 paper lawn bags, a machete, a few hand tools and dodging the rain this weekend a few eager, willing and courageous warriors will fight their way through the dense overgrowth. We have been warned that a family of skunk has lived here and there are rumors that hermit disc golfers have caved in the brush while waiting for baskets to be installed.

It’ll be an intense battle between nature and volunteer. But we’re strong and ready for the fight.

How Can I Help Support This Mission?

As we clear out this vegetation we will be bagging it in paper yard bags.

When you drive by:

  • Grab one or two to put with your yard waste (dump is closed)
  • Say hi and honk your support
  • Take pictures and post on social media

This is not a structured work session. With the rain forecast it is going to be a situation where if the opportunity to get out there presents itself we’ll head out. But there should be plenty of good weather to get it done.

If you’re interested in helping out – just stop by and lend a hand. But for goodness sakes maintain social distancing and all that.

Huge Thank You

Jay and Bob stopped by to lend a hand with pulling out old overgrowth. Rob lent a hand by taking away many bags of cut grasses.

A mystery neighbor also stopped by and picked up yard bags too.

Three of my children threw in some elbow grease to help out too.

I appreciate the help from everyone. The corner of Country Club and SanAndrew are looking good.

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

When Disc Golf Courses Dream

UDisc Recently Ranked the World’s Top 50 Courses Raising Aspiration Amongst Courses

Reading the list of the world’s top 50 courses right before going to bed has courses around the world scratching their head on how they can get on the board next time.

Going through the list and digging deeper into the many different websites and YouTube to see video footage it’s amazing the design work that has gone into so many of these properties.

I was amazed that the world number one course started off as a literal garbage dump in Sweden. A dump that has turned into the host course for the European Open and a crown jewel in all of disc golf.

Such a job well done. Think of all the support the project team had to pull this off.

The Goal is to Be One of the Best in the World

Enticing top tier players from the PDGA, hosting the Maryland Disc Golf Championships, becoming a stop on the PDGA tour and becoming the breeding grounds for future Junior, Amateur and Professional players.

West Winds Disc Golf is dreaming big.

There is so much work to do in order to start knocking off courses that have established themselves over many decades. It has to start somewhere, it has to start with a small spark and it has to begin with a dream.

West Winds Disc Golf is starting with a tremendous head start over many other courses. We have much of the course infrastructure in place to build upon. There is a tradition of golf already built into the neighborhood. There are highly competitive people all across this neighborhood who want to see competition, athletes doing their best to achieve their goals and to be known as the place where Champions are born, trained and crowned.

This has started. The dream is becoming real. The future is now.

World’s Best Disc Golf Courses: #1 Järva

Amazing footage of the disc golf park in Sweden.

The intro package from the 2016 European Open showcases the course. Look at how they have built a course that takes advantage of the natural elevation changes, keeps a very natural setting in which disc golfers can use all sorts of different shot lines and the beautiful course maintenance that keeps this course looking like an amazing park.

This course is a pay-to-play course. Very much in line with what we are going to do here at West Winds Disc Golf. There are so many good things happening at this former municipal dump that it is worth your time to read the UDisc article about it.

Our course is already dreaming, working hard, building it’s tree game and finding ways to challenge players. We’re coming for you Järva.

What Can I Do To Help West Winds Disc Golf?

Disc Golfers who want to be a part of this project… you are the best. I’ve heard from so many of you so far. Thank you for volunteering. If you are just now finding out about the course and want to jump into the project – let me know.

Neighbors volunteer to help the Disc Golf course. Folks who are helping with the course are actually able to get their hands on areas that have been lacking in attention in different areas of the neighborhood. It’s your chance to pitch in and show support for the business that many of us have right in our back yard.

If you can’t volunteer. Make a promise to sponsor a basket, a tee pad, advertise in some way on the website or just donate money to help fund the project.

Share the website wwdg.club, the YouTube channel and Twitter information with as many people as possible and be active on those platforms.

Show the property owner that there are people interested in seeing his beautiful 140 acre property used for:

  • outdoor sports
  • park areas
  • places to hangout while eating food you bought at his restaurant
  • share how you look forward to his driving range opening back up for ball golf
  • walking with family
  • just communing with nature

Tell him that you are going to use his facilities to host:

  • birthdays
  • family reunions
  • weddings
  • outdoor photography
  • life events of all kinds
  • to build lifelong memories

Gush about how you look forward to his old golf course to be landscaped to offer:

  • shade
  • floral elements
  • healthy tree habitat
  • play areas
  • all day walking paths
  • fields to walk your dogs
  • visual appeal to interest new home buyers
  • pride in the neighborhood

Share that you and your family are anxious to spend money to help him keep up all of the acreage, facilities and the like to promote a successful business venture for him and the benefit of a revived property that enhances the overall appeal to our community.

These are things that would help with this project and all of us in the same neighborhood of West Winds.

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

West Winds Disc Golf Location

The Address is

11330 Country Club Road, New Market, Maryland 21774

The Disc Golf Course twists and turns it’s way around the West Winds neighborhood in Lake Linganore, New Market, Maryland. It’s just a few minutes off of I-70 between Mt. Airy and Frederick.

If you are familiar with the Woodsboro Disc Golf course – it’s about 12 minutes away from there. In fact, with the coming addition of West Winds, this area will have many fun courses to play within very close driving distance of one another.

Overview Image of West Winds Neighborhood

The course is very integrated within the neighborhood and covers a lot of ground. It’s going to be a great test of a players focus, endurance, shot selection, reading of the wind and avoiding the out-of-bounds areas.

What is the Address to West Winds Disc Golf?

We use the address to the Club House that Google provides.

11330 Country Club Road, New Market, Maryland 21774

There have been a couple times when players have come out to the course for demo rounds and the directions on their smart phones took them past the entrance to the clubhouse. You are looking for the West Winds Golf Course sign to make the turn into the parking lot.

The good news is – the roads in the neighborhood all loop around the course. So, if you happen to pass the entrance you can drive the loop and will eventually end up passing the entrance again. It also allows you an opportunity to see how the course wraps around the neighborhood.

After the first time you come out – you’ll get oriented to the course and it probably won’t be an issue for you. I can’t wait for you to come out and play the course very soon.

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

Video Tour of East Course – 18 Holes

Full Tour of all 18 Holes on the East Course. Please Subscribe to the Channel.

During this time we are all limited on visiting places in Maryland. I took some time to walk the East Course the other day and recorded each of the holes. I will do the same for the West Course this weekend.

West Winds Disc Golf Video Tour

You’ll see in the videos that we are still in roughing out the tee box and basket placements. Also notice the amazing opportunity we have to place trees, cart paths through out the course and landscaping options.

There is plenty of space for fans to watch and follow their favorite players. There are also plenty of areas to place seating and rest areas along the way too.

Volunteer Army Recruiting Now

I need your help to fully realize the dream of West Winds becoming a PDGA Tour Stop within the next three years.

Do you have time to donate during any given month to come out and help maintain the course with me?

Use the Contact Form to let me know so I can keep you up to date on what projects we are working on.

Future Disc Golf Course Projects:

  • Basket Installation
  • Tee Pad Markers
  • Tee Pad Installation
  • Signage Installation
  • Pro Shop Build
  • Driving Range Net Replacement
  • Bridge Repair
  • Foot Bridge Build
  • Tree Planting
  • Plant Nu
  • Grass Cutting
  • Shrub Planting
  • Benches Built and Installed
  • Course Name Flower Bed

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

No April Fools Joke

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

We’re working very hard to get the course into the ground and while everything in the state is shutdown the work continues.

Since we are all staying at home right now there is plenty of time to get the website caught up with all of the content that I need to get posted.

This week will see a tremendous amount of content added. The final touches to the East Course Hole walk-throughs is happening now. Can’t wait to get this out to all of the Maryland Disc Golf fans.

Disc Golf is Coming to New Market, Maryland 21774

Many years ago there was a golf course here in the Lake Linganore West Winds neighborhood. The course has gone unused and the opportunity to bring players back onto the 140 acre course to play Disc Golf is being realized.

The new owner of West Winds Golf Course has green lighted the installation of a 36 hole Disc Golf course. There are no other Disc Golf courses like this in the state of Maryland. This will be the largest, offer the most holes in one location, will be setup as two unique courses, have a reserved area for putting leagues, practice baskets, driving range and a pro-shop.

Disc Golfers in Maryland have never played a course like this before. West Winds Disc Golf elevates the game, challenges the notions of what Disc Golf can be and sets the standard for the sport in Maryland.

The West Winds Disc Golf Show