An Introduction to Disc Golf with Nate Sexton

How to Get Started in Disc Golf?

It’s one of the top questions I get when talking to all of the ball golf neighbors here at West Winds. The neighborhood started 30+ years ago as a golf community. So, there are a ton of golfers who are interested in playing Disc Golf too.

Nate Sexton, who is one of the sports top professionals, explains in under 5 minutes a great way to get started. He spends a few minutes talking about disc properties and introduces you to how to throw a disc. Hint: it’s not the same as the old school frisbee you may remember from childhood.

The Professional Disc Golfers Association (PDGA) also has a great page that introduces new players to the sport. It explains what Disc Golf is and the many health benefits of the sport for personal development.

When the time comes – I recommend membership. The magazine is awesome, you get a rating that allows you to know how you stack up against other players for tournament/league play, you get a free app (U-Disc) to help score, keep statistics, measure your throws, find courses near you and more.

Disc Golf Manufactures with Starter Packs

Pretty much all of the major manufacturers have a start pack that contains three discs: putter, mid-range and driver. Remember what Nate said in the video that unlike traditional ball golf – Disc Golfers will often throw a putter as their driver. There isn’t a rule that says you have to throw discs in a certain order.

There is an online Disc Golf company called “Infinite Discs” that sells all sorts of related products for the sport. They have a whole page of all the starter packs in one place so you can shop and purchase online.

I like Infinite Discs and have been ordering from them for almost two years. You get to pick the exact disc you want and it ships very fast. Highly recommend them.

Disc Golf is a great sport to pick-up, it’s a whole lot harder than the pros on JomezPro make it look and you’ll enjoy getting outdoors to play with friends who are also learning it too. Looking forward to having you out at West Winds once we’re officially open.

Oh… we will have plenty of room for practice. So you can get started without having to play courses that you’re not ready for.

Disc Golf Played by Professionals – The Best Highlights of the 2019 Tour Season

JomezPro is the premiere producer of Disc Golf tour coverage. If you’re new to the sport and want to see how professionals play the game – head over to YouTube and be sure to subscribe to their channel.

What are the Basic Rules for Disc Golf?

It’s hard to know when you first play what the rules of the game are. So many of us start out playing the game very casually and with other people who may have learned the game from other people that played very loose interpretation of the rules.

The PDGA does post the rules of Disc Golf online for all players. There is also a printed version of the rules if you want to keep a copy in your bag or cart during rounds.

That being said. Most rounds are very casual and player groups will play with whatever agreed upon rules they want for that round. The “official rules” come into play when you make the step into tournament and league play. It is to your benefit to know the rules in these environments because a few simple play mistakes can cost you strokes.

The Absolute Basic Rules

  1. The game is played like ball golf except you throw your “clubs” (disc). The winner of a disc golf round is the player with the lowest score.
  2. You start each hole at the appropriate “tee box”.
  3. After each player has thrown their tee shot; the player furthest from the basket throws their next shot first from where their disc lies on the ground. Repeat until all players have thrown their second shot.
  4. Play all shots until all players have succeeded in getting their disc into the basket.
  5. The player with the fewest throws on the previous hole goes first.
  6. Be courteous to other players on the course.
  7. Carry out any trash you generate during the round.
  8. Watch out for other people sharing the great outdoors.
  9. Have fun.
  10. Repeat often.

Get out and play some Disc Golf. Responsibly, maintaining social distance and all that sort of thing. Be safe and stay healthy Disc Golf Fans!

What does Nate Sexton have in his bag?

If you are new to the sport it’s going to be some time before you can throw like Nate Sexton. But it’s extremely helpful to start getting an idea on what the pros throw and some of the reasons they bag one disc over another.

Here is a list of the discs that Nate has in his bag for 2020:




Fairway Driver



When I started playing it was the most confusing thing to figure out what those weird numbers were printed on the disc.

This YouTube playlist from the Best Disc Golf Discs Channel walks you through everything you need to know in order to understand what the numbers mean, what is over and under stable and what/why glide is so important.

The content is presented with such great explanation and in a friendly technical language that even I was able to understand what the heck they were talking about. I spend the vast majority of my time copy and pasting for a living – so physics isn’t really my thing.

Welcome to Disc Golf. Looking forward to seeing you on the course soon!

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

First Disc Giveaway – YouTube for 50 Subscribers

Your Chance to Win a Nate Sexton Firebird

I’m giving away a brand new 2020 Nate Sexton Tour Series Firebird to get the YouTube channel up to 50 subscribers.

To get your name into the race to 50 and a chance to win this disc:

That’s it. Good luck everybody. Let’s do this!

We Have A Winner

West Winds Disc Golf Location

The Address is

11330 Country Club Road, New Market, Maryland 21774

The Disc Golf Course twists and turns it’s way around the West Winds neighborhood in Lake Linganore, New Market, Maryland. It’s just a few minutes off of I-70 between Mt. Airy and Frederick.

If you are familiar with the Woodsboro Disc Golf course – it’s about 12 minutes away from there. In fact, with the coming addition of West Winds, this area will have many fun courses to play within very close driving distance of one another.

Overview Image of West Winds Neighborhood

The course is very integrated within the neighborhood and covers a lot of ground. It’s going to be a great test of a players focus, endurance, shot selection, reading of the wind and avoiding the out-of-bounds areas.

What is the Address to West Winds Disc Golf?

We use the address to the Club House that Google provides.

11330 Country Club Road, New Market, Maryland 21774

There have been a couple times when players have come out to the course for demo rounds and the directions on their smart phones took them past the entrance to the clubhouse. You are looking for the West Winds Golf Course sign to make the turn into the parking lot.

The good news is – the roads in the neighborhood all loop around the course. So, if you happen to pass the entrance you can drive the loop and will eventually end up passing the entrance again. It also allows you an opportunity to see how the course wraps around the neighborhood.

After the first time you come out – you’ll get oriented to the course and it probably won’t be an issue for you. I can’t wait for you to come out and play the course very soon.

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

When Pigs Fly

Ricky Wysocki plays an entire round with an Innova Pig

What is Ricky Wysocki doing during Coronavirus?

Throwing an Innova Pig only round out in California. He does a ton of sharing of his thoughts about what he is doing before throwing a shot. It’s nice to be able to follow along with him as he play the round.

Take 17 minutes to check out his round. It’s really good.

Volunteers Are Signing Up

I am so thankful that so many people have used the contact form to let me know they are interested in helping out.

Huge Shout-Outs to:

  • Dave Brummer
  • Eric Boger
  • Kevin Madert
  • Paul Katz
  • Robert Marr
  • Tracy Jones

You Can Help Too

Share this site, subscribe to the YouTube channel and spread the word when you are playing rounds at the course.

I’m a Disc Golf Player too and I always appreciate the news of a new course from other players. A quick way to share is to use the address “” with other people or if you can just google “West Winds Disc Golf”.

Thank you all for any help you can give to get the word out about the course.

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

Video Tour of West Course – 18 Holes

Full Tour of all 18 Holes on the East Course. Please Subscribe to the Channel.

Over the weekend I got outside to walk the West Course and shoot a video tour for you. It was gorgeous over the weekend and I hope you see the amazing potential of West Winds through these videos.

Please subscribe to the YouTube channel and share with anyone you know who is a Disc Golf player or fan of the sport.

Disc Golf Volunteer Opportunities

Are you someone who loves the sport and wants to find a way to give back?

Use the contact form to reach out and let me know you are interested. There are so many different projects coming up in the very near future and it’s going to take a group of committed people to realize this opportunity.

Come out, join me in the journey of building West Winds into an amazing disc golf experience. Thank you!

Future Disc Golf Course Projects:

  • Basket Installation
  • Tee Pad Markers
  • Tee Pad Installation
  • Signage Installation
  • Pro Shop Build
  • Driving Range Net Replacement
  • Bridge Repair
  • Foot Bridge Build
  • Tree Planting
  • Plant Nu
  • Grass Cutting
  • Shrub Planting
  • Benches Built and Installed
  • Course Name Flower Bed

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

Grass Cutting Season is Here

We have started cutting grass and the course is looking really good. The neighborhood that surrounds the Disc Golf course is thrilled to see people taking care of the course. For many years the golf course sat empty and not maintained very well.

So, folks out here who do not even play disc golf are excited to see the sport coming to the neighborhood. This is a win for all of us.

A Bit of Course Design News

I have had many test groups (before coronavirus) come through the course to demo the holes, layout and flow of the course. I have taken all of the feedback and integrated these changes into the course.

With grass cutting season I have been able to go out and clean up fairways in much needed areas. Also started to carve out landing areas to leave some ground punishment for discs that aren’t quite where they need to be.

Hey Disc Golf Fans… this course has a lot of open air space. Until we get the trees into the ground there has to be some way to cause some pain.

Big Thank You

I really would like to thank all of the Disc Golf fans who have thrown their name into the ring to help with the course.

I appreciate you so very much. Thank you. Thank you.

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

Video Tour of East Course – 18 Holes

Full Tour of all 18 Holes on the East Course. Please Subscribe to the Channel.

During this time we are all limited on visiting places in Maryland. I took some time to walk the East Course the other day and recorded each of the holes. I will do the same for the West Course this weekend.

West Winds Disc Golf Video Tour

You’ll see in the videos that we are still in roughing out the tee box and basket placements. Also notice the amazing opportunity we have to place trees, cart paths through out the course and landscaping options.

There is plenty of space for fans to watch and follow their favorite players. There are also plenty of areas to place seating and rest areas along the way too.

Volunteer Army Recruiting Now

I need your help to fully realize the dream of West Winds becoming a PDGA Tour Stop within the next three years.

Do you have time to donate during any given month to come out and help maintain the course with me?

Use the Contact Form to let me know so I can keep you up to date on what projects we are working on.

Future Disc Golf Course Projects:

  • Basket Installation
  • Tee Pad Markers
  • Tee Pad Installation
  • Signage Installation
  • Pro Shop Build
  • Driving Range Net Replacement
  • Bridge Repair
  • Foot Bridge Build
  • Tree Planting
  • Plant Nu
  • Grass Cutting
  • Shrub Planting
  • Benches Built and Installed
  • Course Name Flower Bed

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

No April Fools Joke

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

We’re working very hard to get the course into the ground and while everything in the state is shutdown the work continues.

Since we are all staying at home right now there is plenty of time to get the website caught up with all of the content that I need to get posted.

This week will see a tremendous amount of content added. The final touches to the East Course Hole walk-throughs is happening now. Can’t wait to get this out to all of the Maryland Disc Golf fans.

Course Layout Happens Now

Over the past few weekends the layout of the course has been taking shape. There are 18 flag marked holes laid out on the eastern side of the property with the other 18 on the western side going in now.

The course is at a point where test rounds can begin and collection of feedback from players to help refine the overall design can be tuned. We are looking for players of different skill sets to test play the course (there are no baskets yet) by playing to the pink flags that mark potential basket locations.

Get Permission to Play Test Rounds Prior to Coming out to the Course

Please contact Joseph Booth before playing your round. The course is not open to the public yet and we are not ready to open this up to everyone at this time.

Currently there are orange flags marking tee box locations, pink flags marking basket locations, and white flags marking out of bounds. Over the winter the markers will be upgraded to stakes and we are working on getting temporary baskets setup for more realistic rounds. It will take some time.

Pictures of the hole layouts and video tours will be coming up in a few weeks. This helpful content will be posted here.

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

Subscribe to Blog to Follow Development

The best way to keep up with developments of the course is to subscribe to the blog. In the future we will have a presence on a few select social media channels but that isn’t happening quite yet.

Looking for Disc Golf Course Volunteers

Are you interested in volunteering this spring with digging basket holes, digging out teepads, general course maintenance, tree planting and that sort of think?

Contact Joseph Booth so you can be added to our volunteer list. Thank you!

Disc Golf is Coming to New Market, Maryland 21774

Many years ago there was a golf course here in the Lake Linganore West Winds neighborhood. The course has gone unused and the opportunity to bring players back onto the 140 acre course to play Disc Golf is being realized.

The new owner of West Winds Golf Course has green lighted the installation of a 36 hole Disc Golf course. There are no other Disc Golf courses like this in the state of Maryland. This will be the largest, offer the most holes in one location, will be setup as two unique courses, have a reserved area for putting leagues, practice baskets, driving range and a pro-shop.

Disc Golfers in Maryland have never played a course like this before. West Winds Disc Golf elevates the game, challenges the notions of what Disc Golf can be and sets the standard for the sport in Maryland.

The West Winds Disc Golf Show