Fundraising to Plant Trees

I am trying to figure out how we can raise money to get 250 – 300 trees planted on the Disc Golf course. If you have been to the course you definitely know that trees on the fairways are virtually non-existent. There are many on the sides but they do not always offer an opportunity to be included in play.

There are a handful of programs in Maryland that offer free tree planting – but we do not always qualify for these programs or some have restrictions that would prevent us from modifying the plantings in the future or other changes we do not want to make.

I have about $4,000 dollars of tree purchases required to meet the long term plan and goals.

I have had conversations with Maryland Department of Natural Resources. They are helping connect me to different groups in the state that may be able to offer us assistance in getting trees in the ground.

There are many places on the course where specific tree types are desired. I want to ensure that those are purchased and planted so that the long term beauty and challenge of the disc golf course is maximized.

I have about $4,000 dollars of tree purchases required to meet the long term plan and goals. This dollar amount represents 80-100 specific trees to be planted as vertical fairway obstacles, shade around tee boxes and to create screens on narrow property lines.

Please use the survey to give me an idea on how to plan for fundraising.

Native Maryland Trees to Be Planted

The Department of Natural Resources has a list of trees native to Maryland. The trees to be planted on the course will be native to Maryland only. There are a handful of invasive species trees that we will remove once the native trees reach maturity.

This is a pretty big project and we definitely need it out here. It will be interesting to see what we can pull off working together.

Let’s do this #discgolf fans!

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

Recommended Discs for New Players That Want to Get Better

You can’t go wrong with advice from Nate Sexton.

I get asked what discs do I recommend for someone just starting out in the sport. Sometimes it’s for adults and other times for young juniors who are brand spanking new to the sport.

If you are brand new to the sport keep it simple and start slow. Distance and accuracy come with practice.

I am a very average player and even though I have a few years under my belt I make tons of disc purchase mistakes on a regular basis.

But even though I say this about myself – I still have an opinion about the subject and this page is what I think about starting out throwing discs.

Disc Golf Discs to Start Learning How to Throw With Control and Confidence

So – for me – it’s not really about brand, what a favorite pro throws or what I see other people throwing out there on the course.

Start out with:

  1. Putter (speed 1-3)
  2. Mid-Range (speed 4-5)
  3. Fairway Driver (speed 6-8)
    • Only after a few weeks of Putter and Mid-Range throwing

If you are brand new to the sport. Keep it simple and start slow. Slow meaning lower speed discs. Lower speed meaning putters, mid-range and maybe a fairway driver.

Also realize that the discs you start out with… probably are not the ones you will throw a year from now. So, don’t worry about building brand loyalty or player loyalty. Just work on your throwing technique and learn the flight properties of your discs.

What is a Disc Golf Putter?

These are discs with a very rounded edge and they tend to be the closest in feel to a traditional frisbee. Most beginners should feel pretty comfortable with a putter in their hand to get things started.

Profile of a typical putter. Notice the very rounded edge.

What is a Disc Golf Mid-Range?

With these discs you will start to see a narrowing of the rim. There is a bit more “point” to them and the rim itself will start to feel a bit wider in your hand.

Here we see a bit more “point” to the edge. This makes it a bit more aerodynamic.

What is a Disc Golf Fairway Driver?

These discs move more into a pointed edge to start leveraging the flight properties of a “narrow” wing. A good starting point for learning to throw drivers.

The narrow edge of the Fairway Driver increases aerodynamic properties.

But the Pros Throw…

Just starting out? You are not a pro.

Watch the pros to enjoy seeing top quality Disc Golf and to learn how they manage their play on the course.

Your arm, technique, form and focus will take time to develop. Do not rush the process – embrace it.

Put a limit on yourself and keep the first number (speed) to 6 or 7 and lower.

Resist the temptation to buy a driver that you are not ready for. When looking at flight numbers – these are typically 4 numbers printed on the disc. In most cases the very first number indicates the speed of the disc.

The higher those numbers the more difficult it is to achieve the flight properties of the disc.

Put a limit on yourself and keep the first number (speed) to 6 or 7 and lower. You will thank me later when you develop your technique and your playing partners still struggle with the 135 gram Blizzard Boss that just never does what it is supposed to do.

Do yourself a huge favor and keep the aspirations of throwing like a top tier pro to the back of your mind for now. Take baby steps and ease into it. One small step at a time.

A Disc is Not a Frisbee

Many people I talk to think that a disc is a Frisbee. This is not Frisbee. Yes. You are throwing an aerodynamic piece of plastic. That’s about where all the similarities end.

Disc Golf and throwing discs is an athletic move. It takes timing, practice, focus and hard work to really figure out how to get the results you want from your disc.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to grab your starter discs and go to the driving range.

Just going out and buying up a bunch of discs that you aren’t ready to throw is going to frustrate you, strike fear into those around you (you will lack control) and you can actually injure yourself through improper throwing technique.

You are starting to learn a new sport. Do not make the assumption that this is something so easy that you don’t have to actually spend time learning what you are doing.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to grab your starter discs and go to the driving range.

Learn to throw before you learn to Disc Golf. Learn to throw… learn to throw… at the driving range. It’s safe there – for you and everyone else on the course.

Best Video Clinic To Learn How to Throw A Disc Using Technique

Two top tier pros share their knowledge. Learn to throw.

This is a YouTube playlist with over 40 videos to get you started. Use the playlist menu to jump around to videos that interest you. I highly recommend watching the first one. This video changed my game for the better.

Discs I recommend to Buy To Get Started In Disc Golf

Knowing what I know now – after a few years playing. This is a list of discs that I would recommend to anyone starting to learn to throw discs.

Please keep in mind I have not thrown all discs by all manufactures. This is just what I know.



Fairway Drivers

How Do I Know Which Plastic and Weight?

I really don’t have a great answer for this.

For me, plastic is about feel at first. But later on you will learn that it also affects flight characteristics as well. To start, I would just go with base plastic for any manufacturer. It tends to be the most affordable and frankly feels pretty good in the hand.

Weight. That’s a tough one. It’s going to depend on who the player is. I might go for a 150 gram disc for a young junior just starting out, maybe 160-169 gram for an adult beginner and all the way up to 175 gram for a current athlete of a different sport (baseball, softball, track & field, tennis player, etc.).

The most important thing is to get some discs to get started. Do the best you can.

I’ve linked my recommendations to the Infinite Discs site. But you can run out to Dick’s Sporting Goods or Play It Again Sports and get discs too.

Using Infinite Discs helps the Disc Golf course if you want to. They give us 5-8% on sales of discs. I use any money earned through commissions to do projects here at West Winds.

Most Important Take-Aways

  • Start Slow
  • Use a Driving Range or Open Field to Learn to Throw
  • Learn to throw first
  • Practice
  • Set realistic expectations of yourself
  • Professional Disc Golfers have been throwing for decades
  • Get started throwing with slow speed discs – putter and mid-range
  • Resist the temptation to throw the drivers pros throw on video
  • Have fun while learning a new skill
  • Smooth is far, slow is smooth
  • Technique is more important than throwing hard

Good luck to you brand new #discgolf fan!

I look forward to seeing you out on the driving range very soon.

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

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We are Open for Play and Practice

On Friday, June 10, 2020 we opened the course to players. The response has been very good and reserved at the same time. The players are not bunching up into close groups and play seems to be flowing pretty well through the course.

Plan Your Visit at

There are a few changes we have had to make almost immediately due to unforeseen flight lines. Hole 1 and Hole 7 have seen tee boxes adjusted to change the line players have to throw. The hope is that discs will stay out of the yards of the neighbors as much as possible.

The hole maps will continue to show the old tee box layout. But these are temporary signs as we work though issues that come up during play.

Thank you For Your Support

Many people were worried that the PayPal method of payment collection would be a complete bust. Thankfully most of the players donated to play and I appreciate that very much. We have to continue to raise money to complete the second 18 hole course on the west side of the property.

Your Donation to Play Supports this Course. We are not funded by public tax dollars.

Please continue to use to donate to play or to just help out the project.

Basket Sponsorships are Now Available

There is a new page with pictures of each basket and the details for sponsoring one. We have a few that are still available.

Jump over to the Sponsorship page to adopt a basket today.

It has been Amazing

The response to the course has been very positive from so many of the players that have come out here. The notes, email, Facebook posts, tweets and face-to-face conversations have been absolutely amazing.

The Frederick News-Post wrote a story about the opening of the Disc Golf course.

I never imagined that so many people would enjoy playing the course. I had no idea how Maryland players would react to a course that is so different from the “typical” course they play in this region.

There have been many suggestions and comments about the current state of the course. I can assure you that there are many future plans to make this course even better.

If you’ve never read about the dream I have for West Winds Disc Golf. Take a peek inside my brain so you can get a better idea of where I see this project going over time.

I’ve even tried my best to describe how a tournament might look here.

So many players see the vision while walking around the course. They see the potential and recognize how special this course could become for Disc Golf in Maryland.

We are at a good starting point. This is just the beginning. Thank you for joining me on the journey into the future.

Let’s do this #discgolf fans!

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

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This is the Month of First 18 Basket Installation

There is so much going on here with the purchase of materials, coordinating volunteers and planning for the first 18 baskets to go into the ground.

This weekend, June 13 & 14 we are mixing and pouring the concrete for the basket sleeves. The Groundskeepers are fired up and ready to put the mix down on 48 bags of 80 pound concrete. We’re doing this Disc Golf fans!

Over the weekend of June 20 & 21 we are going to dig a few holes. Two feet deep and 12 inches in diameter. You know, easy stuff.

I’ve rented two gas augers with 12 inch auger bits. That should help us not kill ourselves trying to get the baskets in.

Oh… if you are a neighbor in the Lake Linganore neighborhoods. If you have a Golf Cart and want to help us drive the concrete forms out to the hole locations – please let me know or just come out to the work session.

Finally, over the course of the June 27 & 28 weekend. We will assemble the baskets and put them into the sleeves.

That’s the plan. We’re almost there Disc Golf fans.

Let’s do this!

Volunteer Project – Thicket Clean Up and Sticker Bush Removal

Work Session a Success – Thank you Volunteers for Being Awesome!

Thank you to all of the volunteers who came out on the Sunday before Memorial day to do some very difficult work and create a space that people can use to get out of the sun during the hot days that are coming up very soon.

All Volunteer Disc Golf Army

Thank you to an amazing group of people

  • Nick
  • Jason
  • Ken
  • Greg
  • Robert
  • Nicholas
  • Parthiv
  • Bob
  • Jim
  • GOAT

I am so grateful for the help and work you have all shared with the Disc Golf course and the neighborhood. There are so many people that appreciate the work we are doing and the transformation of the old golf course into a new Disc Golf course.

Hole 9 on the West Course Grass Cut Too

We will be adding baskets to the East Course over the next 30 days. So play will begin this summer. We will also be adding new trees during the fall planting season so look forward to more fairway obstacles and places to get out of the sun.

Thank you all so very much for the continued support. Job well done Groundskeepers!

The Job for the Work Session

Design Phase Video Walkthrough of Hole 5 on the East Course.

When you watch the the hole 5 design video you will notice an area to the right of the green that is thick in vegetation and overgrowth.

This area is problematic for the front right basket position and should a player go long – getting their disc is a physically painful experience. The sticker bushes are plentiful and they have weaved themselves together to form a “net of arms and legs destruction”.

So we are going to tackle this area and clean it up.

There is an added benefit for the neighborhood as well since this area happens to be easily viewable from the road and looks pretty terrible.

Remove Invasive Overgrowth on Hole 5

On Sunday May 24, 2020:

  • Start time 9a
  • End time noon
  • You will need gloves, eye protection, cutting tools, long pants and probably long sleeves of some sort.

WARNING: Poison Oak, Sumac and Ivy has been spotted in this work area.


We are going to be working in the area circled on the image below.

Click on the image to go to the Google Maps location.

A good spot to park is right there at the corner of Country Club and SanAndrew drive. This area is pretty close to the road so we don’t have to hike in quite as far.

Preview of the Work

This area isn’t as big as we worked on last time. But it’s a good chunk of overgrowth and it’s thick with sticker bushes.

Evil, evil sticker bushes.

What is the Goal of the Work Session?

There is an area between two fairways that I want to transform into an “oasis” area. Meaning, there is a lot of wide open space on the course and during the summer months it gets blazing hot out in the open fairways.

This area will allow players to duck out of the sun and cool off in the shade.

We will clear out the undergrowth and limb up the trees so there is an 8-10 foot canopy to stand beneath. Future project to get some benches in place for seating.

I will guarantee that you are going to feel a major sense of accomplishment and pride when we are done with the clean-up.

How Can I Volunteer to Help?

Use the “Contact Form” right here on the website to let me know you want to be added to the volunteer list. That’s it and it will get you started with us all on the journey to build West Winds Disc Golf course.

Thank you all in advance for your help, time and energy. It is so greatly appreciated.

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

Other Work Sessions:

Disc Golf Cleanup on Hole 4 of the “East Course” – Success

The work session over the weekend was a total and complete success because of our amazing volunteers. None of this could have been completed in the four hour window without each of their time and energy commitment to the greater good. Thank You for Being Awesome! Jim GOAT Kevin J Dave Kevin M Victor Bob … Continue reading Disc Golf Cleanup on Hole 4 of the “East Course” – Success


Something went wrong. Please refresh the page and/or try again.

Membership and Groundskeepers

Disc Golf Course Memberships

Next year we will put together club membership options.

Join the West Winds Disc Golf Groundskeeper Club

If you are interested in helping take care of the course and want to do work as a member of the volunteer club – sign up today.

Groundskeeper Benefits

  • All you can breathe fresh air
  • Member of a Neighborhood Team
  • Bragging rights at The Palace Restaurant
  • Cool Patch or Bag Tag
  • Feared by dandelions
  • Yearly banquet and awards
  • Use power tools to shape the land
  • Dig holes – with and without power tools
  • Learn secret handshake
  • First dibs on West Wind branded discs and apparel
  • Plant trees, shrubs, florals and other vegetation type things
  • Sense of accomplishment and pride in our neighborhood

Sign Up Today to Become a Groundskeeper

It is going to take us about 10 years of hard work to get the course to the ideal tournament destination. But along the way we will build the support system to keep the neighborhood looking attractive for buyers and sellers, provide an outlet for our kids to “get out and play”, to give green thumbs an opportunity to grow things and to provide a place for Disc Golfers to improve their game for any course they want to play.

Be safe and stay healthy. Get out and play!

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

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Paul Ulibarri (PDGA #27171) Helps Disc Golfers Improve Their Game

Subscribe to Paul’s YouTube Channel

This is a YouTube show that Paul Ulibarri (PDGA #27171) dropped on us recently. He really focuses on one thing to talk about for his “Down the Fairway” video series and teaches about that one thing.

I’m putting a playlist of his videos so that you can watch them back-to-back. Over time I’ll keep adding his future videos so all of these will be in one place for you.

The videos tend to be 5-7 minutes long so far. Which for me is the perfect length and meets my attention span.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Disc Golf Instruction videos as much as the next player but it’s on YouTube and I got videos to watch. So for me, these bite sized nuggets of Disc Golf knowledge from a top pro in the game are golden and delicious.

What is in the Bag of Paul Ulibarri

Paul takes us through his bag

This is his 2019 in the bag video. His first year back with Team Discraft. Very traditional in the bag video that reveals his tour disc selection.

Paul has his very own website where you can pick up Ulibarri branded discs, apparel and accessories. If you are a fan or find yourself a new fan of his – jump over to his site and pick up some cool disc golf products. It also helps support him professionally and keeps him out on tour which helps all of us witness great disc golf.

A Focus on the Discraft Raptor

Paul and Discraft create a new disc

YouTube Description

Confidence is KING. This First Run Raptor driver has been a collaboration between our Team Discraft captain, Paul Ulibarri and our Discraft R&D guys. Driving into wind – check. Flex shots, Sidearm – check, check.

The Raptor delivers the most confidence you’ve ever felt in a driver under 300ft. Make room in your bag, this just became a staple.

Raptor Distance Driver:

  • Z Plastic
  • Speed 9
  • Glide 4
  • Turn 0
  • Fade 3
  • Stability 2.1


Getting to KNow Paul Ulibarri

This is more for the Disc Golf fans like myself who like to know what goes on in the lives of the professional players. For me, it’s interesting to know what is going on with the sponsorship side of the sport and the decisions the players have to make.

Circle Zero interviews Paul at the 2018 Memorial Tournament

Getting to see inside the mind of Paul Ulibarri is a gift that YouTube provides us. Thank you YouTube… thank you for delivering us amazing content Disc Golf Pro Tour.

Now is a great time to join the PDGA!

Joseph Booth (PDGA #98153)

Right now, the sport is still at a size where it still has a bit of an “underground” type of feel.

Although I suspect the truly long time players think the sport is completely mainstream with the numbers of people playing and the PDGA membership growing to well over 130,000 registered members. We still have a long way to go.

Jomez Pro Shares his Humor

The guys at Jomez roast our Pro

Classic Disc Golf humor and Paul is such a great sport about it. This video is guaranteed to make you laugh and to add new ways to poke fun of your friends while you are playing your own rounds.

I’m pretty sure this video is referenced 2-3 times per round that I play with my long time Disc Golf friends. Love this stuff. Keep it up Jomez!

What Does A Practice Round With Paul Ulibarri Look Like?

Practice round with Paul Ulibarri on the card

Disc Golf fans, you have probably already picked up on the fact that I am a Brodie Smith fan. Here is a really fun practice round from the 2020 Memorial Championships that Brodie posted on his YouTube channel.

Player Roster:

A Collection of Top Throws by Our Professional Player

On his personal YouTube channel – Paul gives us his Top 10 Throws

YouTube Description

Hey guys, I’m excited to be officially getting the Paul Ulibarri YouTube Channel going so to kick it off here’s a little video compilation/countdown of the best 10 throws (caught on camera) of my career so far. Can’t wait to see what the next 10 years have in store! What do you think, would you have changed anything in the list?

Be sure to like and subscribe if you want to help support me during these tough times, thank you! The intro/outro song is an original song made for this channel called “Tell Me It’s True” by my good friend Tyler Cox over at Aubri Lane Creative.

Huge thank you to Jomez Pro, Another Round Productions, DiscGolfTV, Disc Golf Monthly, Central Coast Disc Golf, and Anhyzer TV for getting the great footage!


How Can I Help Grow Disc Golf at West Winds?

We always need your volunteer time and effort to keep the course looking good and playable. This is a huge tract of land – 140 acres. It is not possible for one person to do it all.

Send me a message using the Contact Form to get on the volunteer roster.

We of course will have memberships and sponsorship opportunities as well. Stay tuned for those details.

Buy Your Discs Through Links on This Website to Support the Course

I just got the website approved by Infinite Discs to be an affiliate with their business. Over the next two weeks I’ll be updating links to point to products on their site. When you click on a link to Infinite Discs from this website the West Winds Disc Golf course will get credit for the sale. Your support of our course through these purchases is appreciated.

Currently, the program pays out between 3% – 10% of any sale on the Infinite Disc site.

The money earned from sales will be used to build tee pads, get professional signs made, build picnic areas and to purchase more baskets.

Please help the West Winds Disc Golf course by using our site for your future Disc Golf related purchases. Thank you so very much.

Stay safe and healthy out there Disc Golf fans. Do your practice!

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

Paige Pierce (PDGA #29190) Drops Avocado Open 2020 – A 36 Hole Tournament

Yes. A four player tournament was just dropped on the disc golf world.

Watch The Tournament Video Now

Subscribe to Paige Pierce’s Channel on YouTube

This tournament took place at De Luz Disc Golf course in San Diego. The hole designs on this course are so interesting and these pros make them look easy. It looks like a really fun course.

Player Roster

Check out the video coverage quality. Yes – this is some of the absolute best video production for a tournament that you’re going to see.

Also, with all of the shut down of the PDGA tour this year – it’s great to see some fresh coverage. These players deliver!

The play is absolutely fantastic. These are of course top tier pros doing their thing. But I can’t say it enough about how great the video production is. Very well done. Worth your time.

What is De Luz Disc Golf Course?

I’m still new to the sport and I haven’t heard about this course before. I’ve done some searching on Disc Golf Course Review and Disc Golf Scene. There isn’t any information about the course listed on either of these sites.

Unless I just didn’t use the right search terms. Totally possible – I make mistakes all the time.

Google searching didn’t seem to turn up many leads either. So, let’s use the power of the internet to see what we can come up with from other Disc Golfers out there.

Help me learn about De Luz Disc Golf

If you find any information that you can share about this course – I would love it if you would share it with me. Send links if you have any. Thank you.

Paige Pierce’s Go To Discs

Discraft has modified the old school in the bag video to a more streamlined approach of what are Paige’s Go-To discs. This video keeps it focused on her discs and doesn’t ramble on for 30 minutes. It’s like less than 8 minutes and you learn what plastic she leans on.

Shop Paige’s Go-To Discs

Her Signature Disc – Sol Review

I personally do not know this disc. So, I looked it up on Infinite Discs to get some flight information. I have recently began to understand the importance of the understable discs and this is one I’m going to give a try.

The Sol is an understable disc, so for a right handed player throwing a backhand – this disc is going to want to turn to the right.

The speed is at a four which is great news for players because most of us can throw this disc without having to try to power up to get it moving.

Lot’s of glide with the 5 rating. I’m a huge fan of glide – really helps with getting a bit of extra distance.

It looks like it comes in a few different plastic types. So there should be something that feels good in your hand.

Paige also has her signature series disc up on her website to buy.

Witness Grit and Determination

This Dynamic Discs Caddy’s View video follows Paige Pierce as she played the final round and fights her way back to a 5th World Title. Follow along and listen in as you hear Pierce work through the course.

At the 2019 PDGA Pro Worlds in Peoria, IL the chances of Paige Pierce winning her 5th World Title did not start well when after round 1 she was sitting in 9th place.

With four more rounds ahead of her she had plenty of ground to make up and that she did as she fought her way back to be in a 3-way tied with Catrina Allen and Eveliina Salonen heading into day five and the final round.


Paige On Putting Routine

Take a peek inside the mind of a champion as she details what she does to build and maintain her putting routine. She talks about the importance a routine plays in repeatability.

Paige Pierce was a librarian for 16 years and then she started playing Disc Golf and then she became really good at it.

Jeremy Koling (PDGA #33705)

Are you just getting started in building your putting routine?

Or maybe you haven’t even started to think about a putting routine. Take 2 minutes to listen from a 5 time World Champion as she drops knowledge on you.

Danny Lindahl Breaks Down Paige’s Throwing Form and Technique

Great analysis and slow-mo footage to see the details in her form. Paige is one of the farthest throwers in Disc Golf. Her key to success is her form.

Disc Golf is not about how hard you throw or how strong you are. In many ways, the disc golf throw is like a dance move. It takes athleticism, balance and great form to get right.

Serious. Form and technique equals distance. This takes practice to achieve.

You can do it.

Disc Golf is not about how hard you throw or how strong you are. In many ways, the disc golf throw is like a dance move. It takes athleticism, balance and great form to get right. Also, you have to invest time and energy into it.

The pros make this game look easy. This is not an easy game. It takes a dedicated, committed and focused player to achieve the results of the professionals I highlight on this site.

The great news is – you can do it too. Dedicate yourself, commit yourself to building your game and focus on your goals.

We are going to help you achieve these results and realize your Disc Golf dreams. The West Winds Disc Golf course is built with the mindset of player development.

My dream for you is to start off as a beginning player that has no idea what you are doing and grow with you as you reach your full potential. Along the way, we have a ton of fun together. I am looking forward to seeing you out here doing your thing.

How Can I Help West Winds Disc Golf

There are a few ways you can do something to help the course.

Share the site with your disc golf friends and follow along with the YouTube Channel and Twitter Account.

Thank you so much for your support Disc Golf fans.

Be safe and stay healthy!

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

Disc Golf Cleanup on Hole 4 of the “East Course” – Success

Staying 6ft Away From One Another.

The work session over the weekend was a total and complete success because of our amazing volunteers. None of this could have been completed in the four hour window without each of their time and energy commitment to the greater good.

Thank You for Being Awesome!

  • Jim
  • GOAT
  • Kevin J
  • Dave
  • Kevin M
  • Victor
  • Bob

Coverage of WOrk Session

Coverage of the Volunteer Work Session

Didn’t KNow About the Project

During the demo rounds played by our many local testers it became readily apparent that no one liked to fish out errant discs from the waist deep sticker bushes that took over the creek area at the bottom of hole 4.

Design Phase Tour – Zoom Over of “Valley of Death”

I personally went in there twice and did not enjoy crawling around through the thicket because I will leave “No Disc Left Behind”.

With the notes from the demo player feedback I setup the work session to clear out “The Valley of Death”.

Pure Nastiness – A Detail of Pain



Well, there you go Disc Golf fans. When the baskets go in you will not have to deal with the total nightmare that used to be the “Valley of Death”. Now it’s more like the “Valley of Minor Nuissance”. It’s still not a good idea to throw into the creek because that uphill shot will punish you enough.

Do You Like Good Looking Grass?

I do. I like to keep the grass height down, prevent rodents and to keep the neighborhood looking it’s best.

Kosal and I met while working in property management for a mid-size company. She has stayed in the industry and I have moved to working for the U.S. Census Bureau (submit your 2020 Census Today).

We both are very aware of the effects “curb appeal” have on the value that people place on their community. We are also extremely aware of how it affects the value that outsiders apply to the community as well.

The Disc Golf course allows an opportunity to contribute to the overall look and feel of the entire neighborhood whether you play or not.

HOw Can I Help With the Course

Right now, you can volunteer your time by using the Contact Form to let me know you are interested in helping out.

Sponsor a Basket, Sponsor a Tee-Pad, Sponsor an entire fairway and support the course in any way you can.

When I have the membership package details setup on the site – Join the Disc Golf Club. As you might imagine the course here is not immune to costs. So, even if you don’t play Disc Golf – your membership will help out all of us in the neighborhood.

I have to figure out a way to contribute to the overall course maintenance.

The property owner has been very generous in allowing me to setup the course. However, the Disc Golf course is responsible to contribute to the fuel and equipment costs of maintaining the grass.

Kosal and I have paid the costs for the first 18 Innova Discatcher baskets – so we’ve got skin in this game and we are looking for the best possible outcome over the upcoming decades.

In Case I Haven’t Said it Enough

I truly am so very appreciative of all the volunteers who came out to help with the clear out work on hole 4. That job would not have been completed without your time and effort.

Thank you. Thank you.

Ok, Disc Golf fans… get out and throw some discs!

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

Starter Pack Challenge 2 at DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course in Santa Cruz, California

Watch top touring pros play with starter pack discs.

Hit play on the video to watch both videos of the 18 hole competition.

Central Coast Disc Golf posted the two part video coverage of this totally fun event. Top pros are given the starter pack that their sponsoring manufacturers produce to introduce new players to the sport.

Roster of Players:

Host and Score Keeper: Jeremy Koling (PDGA #33705)

This is such a fun event that these players do. I’m not sure how frequently these challenges come up – I think it’s yearly. Feel free to use the comment section to correct me.

To watch these touring pros crack open a brand new disc set and play the DeLaveaga Disc Golf course in Santa Cruz, California competitively while hitting their lines is really cool.

Honestly, it speaks to just how much time these pros have put into practice. They truly understand how to get the flight they are looking for no matter where the disc came from.

What is a Starter Pack?

These are the packs that you quite frequently see at places like Dick’s Sporting Goods. I think Innova has a deal with them to sell their discs there since I only see Innova discs on the shelves. I know for sure that Infinite Discs has them available for order.

These packs can be a mixed bag of results. Because they are oriented towards a beginning player they tend to be a bit lighter in weight and will frequently be a bit more understable than a pro would use during one of their normal rounds.

Because of this it adds a special level of challenge for these players to do their best while essentially going back to their starting roots of disc golf addiction.

If you are new to the sport – a starter pack is a great place to start. Get one today to begin.

What is DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course?

Par Save Productions’ Jack Dalleywater and Joey Temali take you behind the scenes of the 2019 Santa Cruz Masters Cup presented by Innova.

Tom Schot, the original course designer of the Delaveaga Disc Golf Course, explains how it has stood the test of time while some of the top pros share what it’s like to play Delaveaga and what playing in the third PDGA National Tour stop of the season, the 2019 Masters Cup, means to them.

Interviews with: Nate Sexton, Avery Jenkins, Catrina Allen, Zoe Andyke, Tom Schot, Paul McBeth, and Ricky Wysocki.

Source: 2019 Masters Cup Behind the Scenes, Par Save Productions, May 17, 2019

Home of the Santa Cruz Masters Cup

For the past 30+ years DeLaveaga has hosted this tournament. The course started off as a dump and was claimed by disc golfers who saw that a course in this location would be absolutely epic.

Turns out – those players from the early 1980’s were absolutely right.

The hard work and love that these early pioneers of the sport put into a piece of land that was left to dumpers and four wheelers is inspirational and a motivator.

This course has generated many top pros and champions over the decades. It looks like there is no stopping the group of volunteers that run the course as they continue to make the course one of the top 10 courses in the world.

Players from all around the world come out to this tournament and will also travel throughout the year to play the hallowed grounds of “DeLa” as the locals refer to the course.

Champions of this tournament have the complete respect of the disc golf world. Great job to all of the people who have put their blood, sweat and tears into this amazing course.

UDisc Ranks DeLaveaga Number 10 in World

This is a course that I often hear mentioned during video of other tournaments. The players and commentators that talk of this course always speak of it with reverence and respect. It is said that the course reaches a balance in design that allows amateurs and professionals alike to be challenged by the course.

UDisc has compiled over 1 million reviews from their app.

With that amount of data they can easily rank courses that players themselves give value to. DeLaveaga achieved a rank of number 10. That’s an amazing achievement.

The course started back in the early 1980’s and has for decades challenged players of all skill levels. For those of you who enjoy digging through sports history and learning about the locations that legends are created – the story of the DeLaveaga is a wonderful read.

How Can I Help West Winds Become a Highly Respected Disc Golf Course?

We are always looking for volunteers that want to work towards building a Disc Golf course that offers challenging play, a place to work on your game, provides a place to practice and enjoyment of being outdoors.

There are many outdoor projects that we have coming up that we’ll need extra people to help complete. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer – please use the contact form to let me know. I’ll add you to the list and keep you in the loop.

Also, if you’re a creative type who likes to take photographs, make graphics, likes to make maps, knows how to woodwork, makes videos and all that sort of media related type thing.

Come on and hangout with us as we start off on this mission to grow the sport we love. Let’s do this disc golf fans!

Stay safe and healthy.

The West Winds Disc Golf Show