Fundraising to Plant Trees

I am trying to figure out how we can raise money to get 250 – 300 trees planted on the Disc Golf course. If you have been to the course you definitely know that trees on the fairways are virtually non-existent. There are many on the sides but they do not always offer an opportunity to be included in play.

There are a handful of programs in Maryland that offer free tree planting – but we do not always qualify for these programs or some have restrictions that would prevent us from modifying the plantings in the future or other changes we do not want to make.

I have about $4,000 dollars of tree purchases required to meet the long term plan and goals.

I have had conversations with Maryland Department of Natural Resources. They are helping connect me to different groups in the state that may be able to offer us assistance in getting trees in the ground.

There are many places on the course where specific tree types are desired. I want to ensure that those are purchased and planted so that the long term beauty and challenge of the disc golf course is maximized.

I have about $4,000 dollars of tree purchases required to meet the long term plan and goals. This dollar amount represents 80-100 specific trees to be planted as vertical fairway obstacles, shade around tee boxes and to create screens on narrow property lines.

Please use the survey to give me an idea on how to plan for fundraising.

Native Maryland Trees to Be Planted

The Department of Natural Resources has a list of trees native to Maryland. The trees to be planted on the course will be native to Maryland only. There are a handful of invasive species trees that we will remove once the native trees reach maturity.

This is a pretty big project and we definitely need it out here. It will be interesting to see what we can pull off working together.

Let’s do this #discgolf fans!

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  1. Have you contacted Arbor Day Foundation ?
    Try your county Sustainability Office if they have one. In Howard County new development rules require the planting of one tree in the same watershed for every one taken down .
    Sierra Club?

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