Recommended Discs for New Players That Want to Get Better

You can’t go wrong with advice from Nate Sexton.

I get asked what discs do I recommend for someone just starting out in the sport. Sometimes it’s for adults and other times for young juniors who are brand spanking new to the sport.

If you are brand new to the sport keep it simple and start slow. Distance and accuracy come with practice.

I am a very average player and even though I have a few years under my belt I make tons of disc purchase mistakes on a regular basis.

But even though I say this about myself – I still have an opinion about the subject and this page is what I think about starting out throwing discs.

Disc Golf Discs to Start Learning How to Throw With Control and Confidence

So – for me – it’s not really about brand, what a favorite pro throws or what I see other people throwing out there on the course.

Start out with:

  1. Putter (speed 1-3)
  2. Mid-Range (speed 4-5)
  3. Fairway Driver (speed 6-8)
    • Only after a few weeks of Putter and Mid-Range throwing

If you are brand new to the sport. Keep it simple and start slow. Slow meaning lower speed discs. Lower speed meaning putters, mid-range and maybe a fairway driver.

Also realize that the discs you start out with… probably are not the ones you will throw a year from now. So, don’t worry about building brand loyalty or player loyalty. Just work on your throwing technique and learn the flight properties of your discs.

What is a Disc Golf Putter?

These are discs with a very rounded edge and they tend to be the closest in feel to a traditional frisbee. Most beginners should feel pretty comfortable with a putter in their hand to get things started.

Profile of a typical putter. Notice the very rounded edge.

What is a Disc Golf Mid-Range?

With these discs you will start to see a narrowing of the rim. There is a bit more “point” to them and the rim itself will start to feel a bit wider in your hand.

Here we see a bit more “point” to the edge. This makes it a bit more aerodynamic.

What is a Disc Golf Fairway Driver?

These discs move more into a pointed edge to start leveraging the flight properties of a “narrow” wing. A good starting point for learning to throw drivers.

The narrow edge of the Fairway Driver increases aerodynamic properties.

But the Pros Throw…

Just starting out? You are not a pro.

Watch the pros to enjoy seeing top quality Disc Golf and to learn how they manage their play on the course.

Your arm, technique, form and focus will take time to develop. Do not rush the process – embrace it.

Put a limit on yourself and keep the first number (speed) to 6 or 7 and lower.

Resist the temptation to buy a driver that you are not ready for. When looking at flight numbers – these are typically 4 numbers printed on the disc. In most cases the very first number indicates the speed of the disc.

The higher those numbers the more difficult it is to achieve the flight properties of the disc.

Put a limit on yourself and keep the first number (speed) to 6 or 7 and lower. You will thank me later when you develop your technique and your playing partners still struggle with the 135 gram Blizzard Boss that just never does what it is supposed to do.

Do yourself a huge favor and keep the aspirations of throwing like a top tier pro to the back of your mind for now. Take baby steps and ease into it. One small step at a time.

A Disc is Not a Frisbee

Many people I talk to think that a disc is a Frisbee. This is not Frisbee. Yes. You are throwing an aerodynamic piece of plastic. That’s about where all the similarities end.

Disc Golf and throwing discs is an athletic move. It takes timing, practice, focus and hard work to really figure out how to get the results you want from your disc.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to grab your starter discs and go to the driving range.

Just going out and buying up a bunch of discs that you aren’t ready to throw is going to frustrate you, strike fear into those around you (you will lack control) and you can actually injure yourself through improper throwing technique.

You are starting to learn a new sport. Do not make the assumption that this is something so easy that you don’t have to actually spend time learning what you are doing.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to grab your starter discs and go to the driving range.

Learn to throw before you learn to Disc Golf. Learn to throw… learn to throw… at the driving range. It’s safe there – for you and everyone else on the course.

Best Video Clinic To Learn How to Throw A Disc Using Technique

Two top tier pros share their knowledge. Learn to throw.

This is a YouTube playlist with over 40 videos to get you started. Use the playlist menu to jump around to videos that interest you. I highly recommend watching the first one. This video changed my game for the better.

Discs I recommend to Buy To Get Started In Disc Golf

Knowing what I know now – after a few years playing. This is a list of discs that I would recommend to anyone starting to learn to throw discs.

Please keep in mind I have not thrown all discs by all manufactures. This is just what I know.



Fairway Drivers

How Do I Know Which Plastic and Weight?

I really don’t have a great answer for this.

For me, plastic is about feel at first. But later on you will learn that it also affects flight characteristics as well. To start, I would just go with base plastic for any manufacturer. It tends to be the most affordable and frankly feels pretty good in the hand.

Weight. That’s a tough one. It’s going to depend on who the player is. I might go for a 150 gram disc for a young junior just starting out, maybe 160-169 gram for an adult beginner and all the way up to 175 gram for a current athlete of a different sport (baseball, softball, track & field, tennis player, etc.).

The most important thing is to get some discs to get started. Do the best you can.

I’ve linked my recommendations to the Infinite Discs site. But you can run out to Dick’s Sporting Goods or Play It Again Sports and get discs too.

Using Infinite Discs helps the Disc Golf course if you want to. They give us 5-8% on sales of discs. I use any money earned through commissions to do projects here at West Winds.

Most Important Take-Aways

  • Start Slow
  • Use a Driving Range or Open Field to Learn to Throw
  • Learn to throw first
  • Practice
  • Set realistic expectations of yourself
  • Professional Disc Golfers have been throwing for decades
  • Get started throwing with slow speed discs – putter and mid-range
  • Resist the temptation to throw the drivers pros throw on video
  • Have fun while learning a new skill
  • Smooth is far, slow is smooth
  • Technique is more important than throwing hard

Good luck to you brand new #discgolf fan!

I look forward to seeing you out on the driving range very soon.

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