We are Open for Play and Practice

On Friday, June 10, 2020 we opened the course to players. The response has been very good and reserved at the same time. The players are not bunching up into close groups and play seems to be flowing pretty well through the course.

Plan Your Visit at plan.wwdg.club

There are a few changes we have had to make almost immediately due to unforeseen flight lines. Hole 1 and Hole 7 have seen tee boxes adjusted to change the line players have to throw. The hope is that discs will stay out of the yards of the neighbors as much as possible.

The hole maps will continue to show the old tee box layout. But these are temporary signs as we work though issues that come up during play.

Thank you For Your Support

Many people were worried that the PayPal method of payment collection would be a complete bust. Thankfully most of the players donated to play and I appreciate that very much. We have to continue to raise money to complete the second 18 hole course on the west side of the property.

Your Donation to Play Supports this Course. We are not funded by public tax dollars.

Please continue to use give.wwdg.club to donate to play or to just help out the project.

Basket Sponsorships are Now Available

There is a new page with pictures of each basket and the details for sponsoring one. We have a few that are still available.

Jump over to the Sponsorship page to adopt a basket today.

It has been Amazing

The response to the course has been very positive from so many of the players that have come out here. The notes, email, Facebook posts, tweets and face-to-face conversations have been absolutely amazing.

The Frederick News-Post wrote a story about the opening of the Disc Golf course.

I never imagined that so many people would enjoy playing the course. I had no idea how Maryland players would react to a course that is so different from the “typical” course they play in this region.

There have been many suggestions and comments about the current state of the course. I can assure you that there are many future plans to make this course even better.

If you’ve never read about the dream I have for West Winds Disc Golf. Take a peek inside my brain so you can get a better idea of where I see this project going over time.

I’ve even tried my best to describe how a tournament might look here.

So many players see the vision while walking around the course. They see the potential and recognize how special this course could become for Disc Golf in Maryland.

We are at a good starting point. This is just the beginning. Thank you for joining me on the journey into the future.

Let’s do this #discgolf fans!

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

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