This is the Month of First 18 Basket Installation

There is so much going on here with the purchase of materials, coordinating volunteers and planning for the first 18 baskets to go into the ground.

This weekend, June 13 & 14 we are mixing and pouring the concrete for the basket sleeves. The Groundskeepers are fired up and ready to put the mix down on 48 bags of 80 pound concrete. We’re doing this Disc Golf fans!

Over the weekend of June 20 & 21 we are going to dig a few holes. Two feet deep and 12 inches in diameter. You know, easy stuff.

I’ve rented two gas augers with 12 inch auger bits. That should help us not kill ourselves trying to get the baskets in.

Oh… if you are a neighbor in the Lake Linganore neighborhoods. If you have a Golf Cart and want to help us drive the concrete forms out to the hole locations – please let me know or just come out to the work session.

Finally, over the course of the June 27 & 28 weekend. We will assemble the baskets and put them into the sleeves.

That’s the plan. We’re almost there Disc Golf fans.

Let’s do this!

3 thoughts on “This is the Month of First 18 Basket Installation

  1. Joe, I live in Summerfield. My son and I would like to join the work this weekend and scope out your new course. When and where can we show up to help? What tools should we bring? I have the usual: post hole digger, digging bar, shovel, wheelbarrow, gloves. Anything else? Looking forward to seeing the progress up close. Excited about the potential for a 36-basket disc golf course in the county. Jim 301-524-3506

    1. We can certainly use your help.

      This weekend, June 20th, there is a work session to dig the holes for the basket sleeves. We start at 8:00am and are meeting at 11330 Country Club Road; the old golf clubhouse.

      Use the contact form to send me your email address and I’ll add you to the Groundskeeper club. This is our volunteer group. You’ll get up-to-date information about volunteer opportunities and work sessions.

      Contact Form:

      Thank you Jim.

    2. I cancelled the work session this weekend because of the weather forecasts calling for so much rain.

      We are going to do our auger drilling on Saturday June 27th.

      Hope you and your son can make it out!

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