Volunteer Project – Thicket Clean Up and Sticker Bush Removal

Work Session a Success – Thank you Volunteers for Being Awesome!

Thank you to all of the volunteers who came out on the Sunday before Memorial day to do some very difficult work and create a space that people can use to get out of the sun during the hot days that are coming up very soon.

All Volunteer Disc Golf Army

Thank you to an amazing group of people

  • Nick
  • Jason
  • Ken
  • Greg
  • Robert
  • Nicholas
  • Parthiv
  • Bob
  • Jim
  • GOAT

I am so grateful for the help and work you have all shared with the Disc Golf course and the neighborhood. There are so many people that appreciate the work we are doing and the transformation of the old golf course into a new Disc Golf course.

Hole 9 on the West Course Grass Cut Too

We will be adding baskets to the East Course over the next 30 days. So play will begin this summer. We will also be adding new trees during the fall planting season so look forward to more fairway obstacles and places to get out of the sun.

Thank you all so very much for the continued support. Job well done Groundskeepers!

The Job for the Work Session

Design Phase Video Walkthrough of Hole 5 on the East Course.

When you watch the the hole 5 design video you will notice an area to the right of the green that is thick in vegetation and overgrowth.

This area is problematic for the front right basket position and should a player go long – getting their disc is a physically painful experience. The sticker bushes are plentiful and they have weaved themselves together to form a “net of arms and legs destruction”.

So we are going to tackle this area and clean it up.

There is an added benefit for the neighborhood as well since this area happens to be easily viewable from the road and looks pretty terrible.

Remove Invasive Overgrowth on Hole 5

On Sunday May 24, 2020:

  • Start time 9a
  • End time noon
  • You will need gloves, eye protection, cutting tools, long pants and probably long sleeves of some sort.

WARNING: Poison Oak, Sumac and Ivy has been spotted in this work area.


We are going to be working in the area circled on the image below.

Click on the image to go to the Google Maps location.

A good spot to park is right there at the corner of Country Club and SanAndrew drive. This area is pretty close to the road so we don’t have to hike in quite as far.

Preview of the Work

This area isn’t as big as we worked on last time. But it’s a good chunk of overgrowth and it’s thick with sticker bushes.

Evil, evil sticker bushes.

What is the Goal of the Work Session?

There is an area between two fairways that I want to transform into an “oasis” area. Meaning, there is a lot of wide open space on the course and during the summer months it gets blazing hot out in the open fairways.

This area will allow players to duck out of the sun and cool off in the shade.

We will clear out the undergrowth and limb up the trees so there is an 8-10 foot canopy to stand beneath. Future project to get some benches in place for seating.

I will guarantee that you are going to feel a major sense of accomplishment and pride when we are done with the clean-up.

How Can I Volunteer to Help?

Use the “Contact Form” right here on the website to let me know you want to be added to the volunteer list. That’s it and it will get you started with us all on the journey to build West Winds Disc Golf course.

Thank you all in advance for your help, time and energy. It is so greatly appreciated.

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

Other Work Sessions:

Disc Golf Cleanup on Hole 4 of the “East Course” – Success

The work session over the weekend was a total and complete success because of our amazing volunteers. None of this could have been completed in the four hour window without each of their time and energy commitment to the greater good. Thank You for Being Awesome! Jim GOAT Kevin J Dave Kevin M Victor Bob … Continue reading Disc Golf Cleanup on Hole 4 of the “East Course” – Success


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