Disc Golf Cleanup on Hole 4 of the “East Course” – Success

Staying 6ft Away From One Another.

The work session over the weekend was a total and complete success because of our amazing volunteers. None of this could have been completed in the four hour window without each of their time and energy commitment to the greater good.

Thank You for Being Awesome!

  • Jim
  • GOAT
  • Kevin J
  • Dave
  • Kevin M
  • Victor
  • Bob

Coverage of WOrk Session

Coverage of the Volunteer Work Session

Didn’t KNow About the Project

During the demo rounds played by our many local testers it became readily apparent that no one liked to fish out errant discs from the waist deep sticker bushes that took over the creek area at the bottom of hole 4.

Design Phase Tour – Zoom Over of “Valley of Death”

I personally went in there twice and did not enjoy crawling around through the thicket because I will leave “No Disc Left Behind”.

With the notes from the demo player feedback I setup the work session to clear out “The Valley of Death”.

Pure Nastiness – A Detail of Pain



Well, there you go Disc Golf fans. When the baskets go in you will not have to deal with the total nightmare that used to be the “Valley of Death”. Now it’s more like the “Valley of Minor Nuissance”. It’s still not a good idea to throw into the creek because that uphill shot will punish you enough.

Do You Like Good Looking Grass?

I do. I like to keep the grass height down, prevent rodents and to keep the neighborhood looking it’s best.

Kosal and I met while working in property management for a mid-size company. She has stayed in the industry and I have moved to working for the U.S. Census Bureau (submit your 2020 Census Today).

We both are very aware of the effects “curb appeal” have on the value that people place on their community. We are also extremely aware of how it affects the value that outsiders apply to the community as well.

The Disc Golf course allows an opportunity to contribute to the overall look and feel of the entire neighborhood whether you play or not.

HOw Can I Help With the Course

Right now, you can volunteer your time by using the Contact Form to let me know you are interested in helping out.

Sponsor a Basket, Sponsor a Tee-Pad, Sponsor an entire fairway and support the course in any way you can.

When I have the membership package details setup on the site – Join the Disc Golf Club. As you might imagine the course here is not immune to costs. So, even if you don’t play Disc Golf – your membership will help out all of us in the neighborhood.

I have to figure out a way to contribute to the overall course maintenance.

The property owner has been very generous in allowing me to setup the course. However, the Disc Golf course is responsible to contribute to the fuel and equipment costs of maintaining the grass.

Kosal and I have paid the costs for the first 18 Innova Discatcher baskets – so we’ve got skin in this game and we are looking for the best possible outcome over the upcoming decades.

In Case I Haven’t Said it Enough

I truly am so very appreciative of all the volunteers who came out to help with the clear out work on hole 4. That job would not have been completed without your time and effort.

Thank you. Thank you.

Ok, Disc Golf fans… get out and throw some discs!

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

Membership and Groundskeepers

Disc Golf Course Memberships Next year we will put together club membership options. Join the West Winds Disc Golf Groundskeeper Club If you are interested in helping take care of the course and want to do work as a member of the volunteer club – sign up today. Groundskeeper Benefits All you can breathe fresh…

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