Get Disc Golf Practice During Stay at Home Orders – Build Your Game

Getting out to practice can be a bit of a challenge right now due to stay-at-home orders around the country. Danny Lindahl from Dynamic Discs walks us through indoor practice to keep our skills sharp.

Disc Golf fans, we can’t let this stop us from working on our game and finding ways to improve for when we are able to get back to competitive play.

The best way to practice Disc Golf drives Using a net or Tarp

Whether you setup inside or in your backyard; using a net or tarp to practice your drives is a great way to retain muscle memory and work on your form. Remember, Disc Golf is about being smooth and using form to maximize distance. It is not how hard you throw.

Watch out For Lack of Information

  • Lack of disc feedback
  • Not able to see full flight
  • Unable to tell just how hard you are throwing
  • Cannot tell what the results of your throw are

Focus On The Positive

  • Work on throwing rhythm
  • Work on smooth x-step
  • Build muscle memory
  • Throw around 60-80% power
  • Build release consistency
  • Work on form

Protect People and Your Equipment

  • Avoid using your best discs
  • Beating a disc into a tarp will change flight characteristics
  • Throw while wearing proper shoes
  • Be sure your space inside allows for this type of workout
  • Be safe if other people are around
  • Discs hitting drywall or flesh do leave marks

Don’t forget to practice putting too. It’s easy to focus on drives and omit putting practice. On the course, it’s so easy to three putt which ruins that amazing drive off the tee. Putt for dough and drive for show.

Get started on building proper Disc Golf Throwing form – Smooth is Far

Simon Lizotte and Eagle McMahon have a great YouTube video tutorial that break down the form required to maximize distance. Hint: it’s not about buying the fastest speed driver and trying to throw it as hard as you can.

Simon and Eagle are two of the longest throwers in Disc Golf. They show exactly what you need to know in order to get the distance you want.

One of the common errors we all make when first starting out is to try and throw the disc as hard as possible. It turns out that it doesn’t go very far. It seems counterintuitive and can lead to frustration – but that’s just the way the physics works out. Smooth is far. Smooth is far.

Volunteer Some Time at Your Local Disc Golf Course

There are many courses around the country (West Winds Disc Golf included) that need help from local volunteers – even with stay-at-home orders. You may find an opportunity that allows for getting out on a course by yourself to do a bit of cleanup. While you’re walking around – take a putter with you.

When you move from one area to the next – putt your way to your destination. Learning putter is one of the best ways to move your game to the next level.

Also, you’re building amazing Disc Golf karma that comes in handy when playing that league round or tournament. Knowing the course at an intimate level allows for knowledge that other players do not have. You hone an edge while out there working.

Reach out and let me know if you’re interested in lending a hand.

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