Weekend Warriors Take on a Monumental Task

The other day when driving into the neighborhood I noticed that the monument for the Disc Golf course had become quite overgrown. Maybe you have noticed it as well – it’s kind of hard to miss at the corner of Country Club and SanAndrew.



Taming the Overgrowth

With 50-60 paper lawn bags, a machete, a few hand tools and dodging the rain this weekend a few eager, willing and courageous warriors will fight their way through the dense overgrowth. We have been warned that a family of skunk has lived here and there are rumors that hermit disc golfers have caved in the brush while waiting for baskets to be installed.

It’ll be an intense battle between nature and volunteer. But we’re strong and ready for the fight.

How Can I Help Support This Mission?

As we clear out this vegetation we will be bagging it in paper yard bags.

When you drive by:

  • Grab one or two to put with your yard waste (dump is closed)
  • Say hi and honk your support
  • Take pictures and post on social media

This is not a structured work session. With the rain forecast it is going to be a situation where if the opportunity to get out there presents itself we’ll head out. But there should be plenty of good weather to get it done.

If you’re interested in helping out – just stop by and lend a hand. But for goodness sakes maintain social distancing and all that.

Huge Thank You

Jay and Bob stopped by to lend a hand with pulling out old overgrowth. Rob lent a hand by taking away many bags of cut grasses.

A mystery neighbor also stopped by and picked up yard bags too.

Three of my children threw in some elbow grease to help out too.

I appreciate the help from everyone. The corner of Country Club and SanAndrew are looking good.

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

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