An Introduction to Disc Golf with Nate Sexton

How to Get Started in Disc Golf?

It’s one of the top questions I get when talking to all of the ball golf neighbors here at West Winds. The neighborhood started 30+ years ago as a golf community. So, there are a ton of golfers who are interested in playing Disc Golf too.

Nate Sexton, who is one of the sports top professionals, explains in under 5 minutes a great way to get started. He spends a few minutes talking about disc properties and introduces you to how to throw a disc. Hint: it’s not the same as the old school frisbee you may remember from childhood.

The Professional Disc Golfers Association (PDGA) also has a great page that introduces new players to the sport. It explains what Disc Golf is and the many health benefits of the sport for personal development.

When the time comes – I recommend membership. The magazine is awesome, you get a rating that allows you to know how you stack up against other players for tournament/league play, you get a free app (U-Disc) to help score, keep statistics, measure your throws, find courses near you and more.

Disc Golf Manufactures with Starter Packs

Pretty much all of the major manufacturers have a start pack that contains three discs: putter, mid-range and driver. Remember what Nate said in the video that unlike traditional ball golf – Disc Golfers will often throw a putter as their driver. There isn’t a rule that says you have to throw discs in a certain order.

There is an online Disc Golf company called “Infinite Discs” that sells all sorts of related products for the sport. They have a whole page of all the starter packs in one place so you can shop and purchase online.

I like Infinite Discs and have been ordering from them for almost two years. You get to pick the exact disc you want and it ships very fast. Highly recommend them.

Disc Golf is a great sport to pick-up, it’s a whole lot harder than the pros on JomezPro make it look and you’ll enjoy getting outdoors to play with friends who are also learning it too. Looking forward to having you out at West Winds once we’re officially open.

Oh… we will have plenty of room for practice. So you can get started without having to play courses that you’re not ready for.

Disc Golf Played by Professionals – The Best Highlights of the 2019 Tour Season

JomezPro is the premiere producer of Disc Golf tour coverage. If you’re new to the sport and want to see how professionals play the game – head over to YouTube and be sure to subscribe to their channel.

What are the Basic Rules for Disc Golf?

It’s hard to know when you first play what the rules of the game are. So many of us start out playing the game very casually and with other people who may have learned the game from other people that played very loose interpretation of the rules.

The PDGA does post the rules of Disc Golf online for all players. There is also a printed version of the rules if you want to keep a copy in your bag or cart during rounds.

That being said. Most rounds are very casual and player groups will play with whatever agreed upon rules they want for that round. The “official rules” come into play when you make the step into tournament and league play. It is to your benefit to know the rules in these environments because a few simple play mistakes can cost you strokes.

The Absolute Basic Rules

  1. The game is played like ball golf except you throw your “clubs” (disc). The winner of a disc golf round is the player with the lowest score.
  2. You start each hole at the appropriate “tee box”.
  3. After each player has thrown their tee shot; the player furthest from the basket throws their next shot first from where their disc lies on the ground. Repeat until all players have thrown their second shot.
  4. Play all shots until all players have succeeded in getting their disc into the basket.
  5. The player with the fewest throws on the previous hole goes first.
  6. Be courteous to other players on the course.
  7. Carry out any trash you generate during the round.
  8. Watch out for other people sharing the great outdoors.
  9. Have fun.
  10. Repeat often.

Get out and play some Disc Golf. Responsibly, maintaining social distance and all that sort of thing. Be safe and stay healthy Disc Golf Fans!

What does Nate Sexton have in his bag?

If you are new to the sport it’s going to be some time before you can throw like Nate Sexton. But it’s extremely helpful to start getting an idea on what the pros throw and some of the reasons they bag one disc over another.

Here is a list of the discs that Nate has in his bag for 2020:




Fairway Driver



When I started playing it was the most confusing thing to figure out what those weird numbers were printed on the disc.

This YouTube playlist from the Best Disc Golf Discs Channel walks you through everything you need to know in order to understand what the numbers mean, what is over and under stable and what/why glide is so important.

The content is presented with such great explanation and in a friendly technical language that even I was able to understand what the heck they were talking about. I spend the vast majority of my time copy and pasting for a living – so physics isn’t really my thing.

Welcome to Disc Golf. Looking forward to seeing you on the course soon!

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

The Rules of Disc Golf Explained with Ninh Ly

This is a great video that explains in a five minutes the rules of disc golf as well as showing amazing coverage of disc golf tournament play. You’ll get a good sense of the sport, the rules surrounding play and the types of courses that disc golfers seek out. Disc Golf 101: What is Disc…

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