Grass Cutting Season is Here

We have started cutting grass and the course is looking really good. The neighborhood that surrounds the Disc Golf course is thrilled to see people taking care of the course. For many years the golf course sat empty and not maintained very well.

So, folks out here who do not even play disc golf are excited to see the sport coming to the neighborhood. This is a win for all of us.

A Bit of Course Design News

I have had many test groups (before coronavirus) come through the course to demo the holes, layout and flow of the course. I have taken all of the feedback and integrated these changes into the course.

With grass cutting season I have been able to go out and clean up fairways in much needed areas. Also started to carve out landing areas to leave some ground punishment for discs that aren’t quite where they need to be.

Hey Disc Golf Fans… this course has a lot of open air space. Until we get the trees into the ground there has to be some way to cause some pain.

Big Thank You

I really would like to thank all of the Disc Golf fans who have thrown their name into the ring to help with the course.

I appreciate you so very much. Thank you. Thank you.

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

4 thoughts on “Grass Cutting Season is Here

  1. When do you plan to have baskets in? and I assume you will be charging to play, so how much is it going to cost? Will you serve beer?

    1. The original plan, made prior to coronavirus, was to purchase and install baskets in April 2020. We’re trying to stick to this plan as close as possible. But it’s unclear right now how close to the original timeline we’re going to stay.

      West Winds will be a pay-to-play course. It includes a driving range, putting range, practice baskets, pitch & putt, throwing nets, pro-shop and Indian food restaurant. Beverages will be available for sale in the restaurant. I’m pretty sure the owner said there are to be 10 or more beers on tap and full bar… but that’s just from my memory and I could have the numbers wrong.

      I’m shooting to keep the cost per 18 single round to $5-7 dollars, an all day (play all you want) option to $10-15, monthly to $20-25 and yearly $75-$100. We haven’t finalized the cost structure – but it should be around these amounts.

      There is still a ton of work to be done. I am doing my best to get the site up-to-date with this type of information. Also, working on finishing up the West Course video tour by tomorrow.

      Thank you Greg. Hope to see you on the course very soon!

    1. Yes! I’m adding you to the volunteer list and will include you in future requests for help cutting grass.

      Thank you so very much Robert. I appreciate your willingness to jump in and help out.

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