Course Layout Happens Now

Over the past few weekends the layout of the course has been taking shape. There are 18 flag marked holes laid out on the eastern side of the property with the other 18 on the western side going in now.

The course is at a point where test rounds can begin and collection of feedback from players to help refine the overall design can be tuned. We are looking for players of different skill sets to test play the course (there are no baskets yet) by playing to the pink flags that mark potential basket locations.

Get Permission to Play Test Rounds Prior to Coming out to the Course

Please contact Joseph Booth before playing your round. The course is not open to the public yet and we are not ready to open this up to everyone at this time.

Currently there are orange flags marking tee box locations, pink flags marking basket locations, and white flags marking out of bounds. Over the winter the markers will be upgraded to stakes and we are working on getting temporary baskets setup for more realistic rounds. It will take some time.

Pictures of the hole layouts and video tours will be coming up in a few weeks. This helpful content will be posted here.

The West Winds Disc Golf Show

Subscribe to Blog to Follow Development

The best way to keep up with developments of the course is to subscribe to the blog. In the future we will have a presence on a few select social media channels but that isn’t happening quite yet.

Looking for Disc Golf Course Volunteers

Are you interested in volunteering this spring with digging basket holes, digging out teepads, general course maintenance, tree planting and that sort of think?

Contact Joseph Booth so you can be added to our volunteer list. Thank you!

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  1. I am local and play with a group every Sunday morning. We would love to test it out and share our thoughts. The link to your contact info is not linking correctly.

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